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CENIEH - National Research Centre on Human Evolution
Paseo Sierra Atapuerca 3 | 09002 Burgos

Alfredo Pérez-González

Average number of national users per year: 42
Average number of European users per year: 6
Average number of international users per year: 4
Main status: Operational from 2009
RI Type: Single-sited

The National Research Centre on Human Evolution (CENIEH - Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana) is an RI with open access for the international scientific community, as well as for other public and private sectors such as industries. The research activities in Human Evolution principally cover Palaeoarchaeology (excavations worldwide), Palaeoanthropology (hominins), Prehistoric Technology (stone tools), Geochronology (dating) and Curation and Conservation (collections). The centre actively promotes awareness and knowledge transfer to society. Its equipment and technology offer are specialized in earth sciences and geochronology. Other laboratories provide versatile applications in the fields of geology, archeology, geomaterials, heritage conservation, new materials, and dosimetry. Other services are curation, restoration and management of fossil and lithic collections from excavations in archaeological and paleontological sites. CENIEH is responsible for the conservation, restoration, management and record of archaeological and paleontological collections from Atapuerca and other sites.

Human evolution, Fossil, Collection, Research, Geochronology, Dating, Geoarchaeology, Palaeobiology, Palaeoanthropology, Archaeology, Prehistory, Conservation, Restauration, Heritage, Material Characterisation, Palaeoclimate

Research Service(s):
Sample preparation and handling
Analysis of ground, fossil and other materials samples.
Materials lab experiments
Experiments with all kinds of materials using the CENIEH laboratories: X-Ray labs (DRX and FRX), microscopy (optical and electronical), micro-computed tomography, TGA/DSC, Raman Microscopy and ICP-OES.
Geochronological Analysis
Analysis using different techniques such as ESR, OSL, Uranium series and Archaeomagnetism.
Collections consultation and study of fossil material and archaeological tools
Access to consultation of the collections' database.
Conservation and restoration of heritage
Preventive and curative conservation and restoration of all kind of materials, especially archaeological remains.
Geological Sample Preparation (soils, sediments, roks, etc..), thin sections preparation.
Digital Mapping and 3D analysis services
The activities of this laboratory centre on cartography, spatial reconstruction and the analysis of geological and archaeological elements. Among its products, we may highlight: geological and geomorphological cartography, paleogeographic reconstructions, analysis of spatial patterns, 3D reconstructions, and the morphometric analysis of archaeological sites and objects. Completed in the field and inside caves, these activities can cover temporal sequences, so that the digitalization, reconstruction and analysis of Natural and Cultural Heritage may be approached from a 4D perspective. The laboratory has high-precision topographic equipment to perform these activities, such as total stations, GPS/GNSS systems, systems for photogrammetry and spherical photography, and laser scanners for use in the field and in the laboratory. This equipment is complemented by the necessary hardware and software for data processing and analysis, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), teledetection and 3D software applications.
Library and documentation
Documentation search and selection of bibliography related to archaeology, palaeoanthropology and related fields.
Archaeometry Equipment
X-ray powder Diffractometer; Wavelength dispersive X-Ray fluorescence Spectrometer PANalytical Axios; DXR Confocal Raman microscope Thermo Fisher: Nicolet 6700 Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectrometer; Q600 thermal analyzer TA Instruments (TGA/DSC)TG interface to an F-TIR spectrometer; Portable Raman deltanu Rock Hound and portable Raman multijack
Computerized Microtomography
MicroCT 80 (Scanco Medical); MIMICS Materialise 13.1 Software
Microscopy Equipment
Optical microscopy: petrographic microscopes and fluorescence polarization (Olympus BX51), stereo (Olympus SZX16 and SZX10) and metallography (Olympus BX51M); Confocal Laser Microscopy Olympus LEXT OLS3000; Morphologi G3; Scanning Electron Microscopy FEI Quanta-600
Sample Preparation Equipment
Chemical fume hoods for Hydrofluoric acid and other acids; Circular saws (Barranca Diamonds//Logitech GTS1//Buelher IsoMet 4000 and PetroThin); Dentist drill; Agate Mortars; Sieves; Magnetic Separator (MIH 1311-5); Magnetic Shakers; Shakers; Petron calcimeter; Bernard calcimeter; Milli-Q system; Balances (Mettler XS2002S//PB8000-S/FACT//XS403S//AB265-S/FACT); Ultrasonic bath (RESTCH UR3//Branson IC, 8510); Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer Beckman Coulter LS13320 MW; Glass and teflon material for chemical preparation; Sample divisor (RESTCH PT100); Jaw Crushers (RESTCH BB51 and BB100); Disk Mill (RESTCH RS200); Microwave digestion system (CEM-MARS); Mineral separation by density; Ovens; Furnace (Memmert // Carbolite); Centrifugues (ThermoScientific// Selecta); pH-meters; Pippette aparatus Robinson; Magnifying glasses; Thin Section Polishing Machine ( LOGITECH 1PW51-WG2); Stone plitting (ZUBER HSN20); Lapping machine (LOGITECH PM5); Vacuum Impregnation Unit (LOGITECH 1IU30); Vacuum system (LOGITECH VS2); Sieve Shaker (RETSCH AS200); Rotatory Micro riffler (QuantaChrome); Hot Plates (Selecta)
Archaeomagnetism Equipment
Cryogenic magnetometer, SRM 755-4K, with demagnetizer and ARM system (2G Enterprises).Thermal Demagnetizer model TD48-SC ASC (ASC Scientific). Magnetometer MicroMag 3900 VSM (Princeton Measurements Crop.) with cryostat and furnace. Kappabridge Susceptometer MFK1-FA (AGICO).Notebook sampling (ASC). Saws. Measuring equipment field susceptibility (Bartington).
Electron Spin Resonance Equipment
X-band Bruker Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectrometer, EMXmicro-6/1 model, connected to a Thermo Scientific NESLAB chiller (ThermoFlex3500 model) to control water cooling temperature. Gammacell 1000 Elite-I 137Cs gamma irradiation source. 2 x Canberra high purity germanium detectors (Extended Range Coaxial -XtRa- and well-type detectors) for high-resolution gamma spectrometry of sediments. Hönle solar simulator (UVACube400 + SOL500). 2 x Canberra in situ field gamma spectrometers with LaBr3: Ce and NaI: Tl probes and InSpector 1000 multi-channel analysers. Accessories associated to the ESR spectrometer: - Programmable goniometer (ER218PG1) - High sensitivity resonator - Standard resonator (ER4102ST) - Digital Temperature Control System (ER 4141VT-M Metal-Transferline Option) to work close to liquid nitrogen temperature (90-100K) - JEOL Finger Dewar (Insertion type dewar ES-UCD3X, V=150 ml) to work at liquid nitrogen temperature (77K)
Luminescence equipment (OSL)
2 x Risø automated TL/OSL DA 20 readers with IR / Blue OSL attachments, 90Sr irradiation facilities, heating systems and EMI 9235QB15 PM tubes. - 2 x dual laser single-grain attachment for Risø readers (green (532 nm), 10 mW stabilised DPSS laser and IR diode (830 nm), 140 mW TTL modulated laser). - 1 x blue and IR pulsed optical stimulation unit and photon timer attachment for Risø reader. Low-level beta multicounter system (model Risø GM-25-5). 5-sample gas-flow multicounter unit with lead shealding. In situ Al2O3:C dosimeters (5 x 1mm discs and individual grains).
Uranium Series Equipment
ThermoFinnigan Neptune Multi-Collector (MC) Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICPMS). - Cetac ASX-112FR autosampler - Cetac Aridus II nebulizer system - ESI Apex HF nebulizer system with Spiro NewWave UP213 Laser Ablation system. PerkinElmer Optima 5300 DV Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES).
Collections, Conservation and Restoration Equipment
Olympus STM6 Measuring Microscope; Olympus SZX7TR Microscope; Drawing device and photographic stage with fluorescent illumination equipment is available for the visitors of the collection. Nikon D2X camera, a Nikor AF-S 28-70 mm f/2,8D IF ED objective and a Micro Nikkor AF 105 f/2,8 objective. Olympus SZ61 stereo microscope. Bureau of photographic reproduction Kaiser RB 5055 HF Repro 5589. Nikon D5000 digital SLR camera and Nikkor 60mm macro lens. Showcase CRUMA gas filtration. 10 localized extraction arms FUMEX organic vapors. Millipore water purifier. Vibroincisor. Ultrasonic air. Micromotor.
Bioenergy Equipment
Master Screen CPX 820983. JAEGER. Oxycon Mobile. JAEGER. Bioimpedancia BIA101. BIASIS. Acelerómetro Armband Sense Wear. BODYMEDIA. Antropómetro HOLTAIN. Estadiometro HOLTAIN. Plicómetro HOLTAIN.
Digital Mapping and 3D Analysis Equipment
3D Scanners and Topographic Equipment: LIDAR-3D Laser Scanners, 3D Laser Triangulation Scanners, Robotic Total Station, Total Stations GPS/GNSS (Fixed station + mobile station), Calibrated Digital Camera Equipment for Spherical Photography.
Software 3D Modelling and Processing tools: Photogrammetry software, Cartographic Software, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Teledetection - Multivariant image analysis.
Peripherals: Large-scale plotter and printer DIN A0+, ScannerDIN A0, Digitizing Table.
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Human Evolution Complex
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Digital Mapping
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