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Czech Antarctic Research Infrastructure (CARI) CzechAntar
Last updated on: 2014-08-07 at 16:29

IODP Bremen Core Repository BCR
Last updated on: 2014-07-25 at 12:06

National Nanotechnology Research Center UNAM
Last updated on: 2014-07-24 at 12:02

Radiation Processing Center of the Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering IRASM
Last updated on: 2014-07-21 at 12:35

Genome Analysis Centre TGAC
Last updated on: 2014-07-21 at 12:01

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The MERIL database is an inventory of openly accessible research infrastructures (RIs) in Europe of more-than-national relevance across all scientific domains: from archives and statistical offices to biobanks, satellites and particle accelerators. Read more about MERIL.

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Note: The MERIL database is continuously being populated. Only complete entries are visible on the website.
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