Flow Cytometry Facility - Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes (UCF IMM)
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University of Lisbon
Av. Rovisco Pais, MicroLab-Tecnico, Campus Alameda, Lisboa, PO: 1049-001, Grande Lisboa (Portugal)
Av. Prof. Egas Moniz, Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes, Lisboa, PO: 1649-028, Lisboa (Portugal)
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Operational since 2005
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The Flow Cytometry Facility provides a state of the art flow cytometry service to iMM researchers as well as external groups from other research institutes. We aim at training researchers in the adequate use of the instruments and also on flow cytometry principles, experiment planning, as well as data analysis and interpretation. The facility is equipped with 4 cell analysers (1 BD LSRFortessa X-20, 2 BD LSRFortessa - one of them equipped with a High Throughput Sampler - and 1 BD Accuri C6), 2 cell sorters (BD FACSAria IIu and BD FACSAria III) and one imaging flow cytometer (Amnis ImageStreamX). Besides a cell sorting service, our staff ensures quality control and maintenance procedures on all instruments and the implementation of the Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001. In 2017 a total of 178 users from 35 research labs, 7 of them from outside the iMM, used the Flow Cytometry Facility.

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Flow cytometry, High speed cell sorting
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Cell Culture Facilities
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Biological and Medical Sciences
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Health and Food
Experiment Planning, Data Analysis and Interpretation
Quality Control

All our instruments undergo daily Quality Control and maintenance protocols that ensure the possible performance and monitoring.

Training in Flow Cytometry and Instrument Operation

Our facility provides training in flow cytometry as well as in instrument operation. This is achieved through one-to-one teaching as well training workshops that take place on a regular basis. In this way, our users become become fully independent in instrument usage (Analysers only). We also provide training in data analysis using FlowJo software. Furthermore, we provide advice on experimental plan, fluorochrome combination and adequate choice of controls to use in flow cytometry experiments.

High Speed Cell Sorting Service

UCF IMM provides a cell sorting service using the 2 BD FACSAria available. These instruments allow the purification of cell populations into collection tubes (maximum 4), culture plates or slides. They are operated by our trained staff upon prior booking using our online booking system.

High Speed Cell Sorter

BD FACSAria III, equiped with 3 lasers (488nm, 561nm and 640nm) and housed in a Baker BioProtect-IV bio-safety cabinet, able to detect up to 10 colours and can separate up to 4 populations simultaneously. It also perform sorts onto culture plates and slides. It is operated by our trained staff only.

BD Accuri C6

The BD Accuri C6 cell analyzer is an easy-to-use benchtop flow cytometer that allows for absolute cell counting and has a flexible optical layout. It has two lasers - 488 nm and 640 nm and four fluorescence detectors.

Imaging Flow Cytometer

The Amnis ImageStreamX Mark II is an imaging flow cytometer that produces multiple high-resolution images of every cell directly in flow, including brightfield and darkfield (SSC), and up to 10 fluorescent markers.

High Speed Cell Sorter

BD FACSAria IIu, equipped with 3 lasers (405nm, 488nm and 640nm), able to detect up to 8 colours and can separate up to 4 populations simultaneously. It also perform sorts onto culture plates and slides. It is operated by our trained staff only.

BD LSRFortessa X-20

The BD LSRFortessa X-20 cell analyzer is a benchtop digital flow cytometer equipped with a fixed-alignment flow cell that is gel-coupled to the collection optics. It has four spatially separated lasers - 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 640 nm that allow for multi-color analysis of up to 16 parameters. Its primary function is to characterize complex populations of cells.

BD LSRFortessa

2 BD LSRFortessa cell analysers, one of them equipped with a High Throughput Sampler (HTS) which allows the automated acquisition of samples from 96 and 384 well plates. These instruments are equipped with 3 lasers (405nm, 488nm and 640nm) and are capable of detecting up to 8 colors.

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