Research Infrastructure of High Intensity and Wide Wavelength Range Ultrashort Pulse Lasers (Laser RI)
Core Data
Hosting Legal Entity
Vilnius University
Sauletekio al. 10, Vilnius, PO: LT-10223, Lithuania (Lithuania)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2001
Being upgraded since 2010 to 2013
Scientific Description
Mission and objectives
Laser Research Center (LRC) that was established in 1982 as an integral part of Department of Quantum Electronics (QED) at Vilnius University. International access started since 2001. LRC and QED carries out teaching and research in different fields of laser science: laser physics, nonlinear optics, laser spectroscopy, material science, biophotonics and laser engineering. The laboratories at VU LRC are fully equipped with state of the art laser systems, and experimental instrumentation. In brief facilities available include: several laser systems devoted for study of different phenomena in nonlinear optics in the range of pulse durations from 10 ns to 10 fs,: pump–and–probe laser spectrometers based on UV–IR tuneable parametric light amplifiers providing temporal resolution down to 10 fs; facility for standardized laser-induced damage tests of optical components; laboratory for biomedical laser applications, installations for laser material processing research.

RI Keywords
Femtosecond pulses, Laser-matter interaction, Laser microtechnology and nanotechnology, Nonlinear optics, Laser spectroscopy, Ultrafast optics and physics
RI Category
Intense Light Sources
Scientific Domain
Chemistry and Material Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Biological and Medical Sciences
Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mathematics
Laser Measurements

Quantum Electronics (High intensity fields and nonlinear optics) (OPCPA testing, Femtosecond filamentation in solids and liquids, Spatio-temporal characterization of light wave packets, Generation of nondiffracting and nondispersing light pulses and their applications in nonlinear optics, Femtosecond laser-induced damage, Ultrashort terahertz-pulse generation from fs pulse induced gas plasma, Multiphoton excitation in transparent materials by tunable fs pulses, Nonlinear optical processes in gaseous media based on third-, fifth- and higher-order optical susceptibilities, Study of CEP sensitive phenomena by use of stable phase few cycle pulses); Spectroscopy (Ultrafast pump and probe spectroscopy in wide spectral range, Ultrafast terahertz time domain spectroscopy, LIBS using fs pulses); Material science (Fabrication of 3D micro/nanostructures by multi-photon polymerization with fs pulses tunable in wide spectral range, Micromachining of 2.5D structures by ablation with high reprate fs pulses, Modification and diffraction patterns creation in transparent materials by fs high reprate pulses, Standartized damage threshold measurements).

Multifuncional Laser facility

Ti:Sa laser system (2,5 mJ, 100 fs) with three channel OPA providing pulses as short as15 fs and continuously tuneable in 240-18000nm Nd:glass laser systems (200fs/1 ps) with two channel OPA tunable in 210-18000 nm Nanosecond Nd:YAG laser system (0,75 J) with OPA tunable in 420-2200 nm Yb:KGW laser system (up to 1 mJ, 300 fs, 1-200 kHz) with positioning system “Aerotech” (accuracy: 10 nm; translation speed up to 300 mm/s).

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