Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM)
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Sabancı Universitesi, SUNUM, Universite Cad. No 27 Orhanlı Tuzla, Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center, Istanbul, PO: 34956 (Turkey)
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Operational since 2012
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The Sabancı University Nanotechnology Research and Application Center (SUNUM) is developed with approximately 25 Million Euros provided by State Planning Organization and Sabancı Foundation. SUNUM has been operational since 2012. The Center provides valuable additional capabilities to the existent research infrastructure of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences of Sabanci University. With a contributing team of 30 faculty members, about 40 postdoctoral researchers, and hundreds of Ph.D. students, the Center is engaged in highly effective multidisciplinary research programs, bringing together researchers with expertise spanning advanced materials, basic sciences, and nano-engineering, to address applications in electronics, healthcare, structural materials and construction, the environment, agriculture, food and packaging industries. The high-tech facility of the Center is designed to support cutting-edge scientific and technological research related to nanotechnology. The unique infrastructure of the Center includes a state-of-the art, two-story, 7368 m2 building with 850 m2 clean room, 1,600 m2 for multi-disciplinary laboratories and 2400 m2 office and general use, all furnished with high-tech equipment to support R&D in nanotechnology. The building is environmentally friendly, conforming to international LEED and BREEAM standards. SUNUM is a member of NanoFutures platform and the national “lighthouse”. SUNUM is in the Directory of European Nanotechnology Infrastructures.There are 12 multidisciplinary laboratories in the center: Micro/nano fabrication Lab (Class 100 clean room), Molecular Biology Lab., Material Characterization Lab., Nanoelectronics and Nanomagnetics Lab., Micro-Nano Fluidics Lab., Surface Sciences and Energy Systems Lab., Nano Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration Lab., Advanced Microscopy Lab, Micro and Nano systems Testing and Characterization Lab. 3D Design and Fabrication Lab., Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Systems Lab. These laboratories include state-of-the art fabrication and characterization equipment spanning large application areas from electron lithography, nanolithography, DNA sequencing, protein analysis, liquid, gas and mass spectroscopy, mK cryo systems, atomic resolution TEM, SEM, FIB, confocal microscopy and 3D prototyping.

RI Keywords
Advanced electron microscopy, Energy and related materials, Molecular biology micro-nano fluidics, Nanoelectronics, Structural materials, Nano-bio technology, Regenerative tissue engineering
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Structural Biology Facilities
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Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mathematics
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Access to Nanotechnology Facilities

Access to the labs is allowed after following a safety training. Access to the equipment is allowed after safety training and training for the specific equipment. Characterization services (fee based) Sample preparation and handling for analytical services. Expert interpretation and reporting based on analytical data. Safety training (general, chemical, electrical, cryogenic, laser, clean room, biological etc).

Nanoelectronics & Nanomagnetics Lab

Source-Measurement Unit, Cryogen Free mK Cryostats, UHV-LT System, AFM / SPM / STM / LFM systems (UHV, ULT, liquid, solid etc.).

3D System Design and Fabrication Lab

Nano-tomograph, Stereo Lithography, Diamond Turning Machine, Rheometer and Extrusion System, Micro Surface Machine Tool, Surface Contour and Roughness Measurement System.

Microsystems Testing

250 kHz-50 GHz vector network analyzer, 50 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, Semiconductor Analyzer, Vector Signal Generator, Probe Stations.

Anechoic Chamber

Anechoic Chamber Positioner & Probes, Spherical Near-field Antenna Measurement System.

Tissue & Regenerative Engineering Lab

DNA Polymerized Reaction System, Quartz Crystal Microbalance-Based Bio Sensor System, Microplate Multimode Reader, Vapor Sterilizer.

Energy and Surface Chemistry Lab

Battery Test System, Gas Chromotograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS), Mass Spectrometer System Including Liquid Chromatography Unit, Differential Thermal Gravimetry, Impedance -Material Analyzer, Frequency Response Analyzer w/Electrochemical Impedance Interface, Automated Pore Size Analyzer.

Advanced Microcopy Techniques Lab

Confocal Microscope, Optical Spectrum Analyzer, CO2 Incubator, Stereoscopic Biological Microscope.

Molecular Biology Lab

DNA Sequencer/ Genome Sequencer, Real-time Polymerized Chain Reaction (PCR) system, GeneChip Microarray System, Electrochemical Impedance and Frequency Output Measuring System, Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), Nanodrop Spectrometer and Fluorometer, Centrifuges, Sample Preparation Tools, Microarray Spotter, Quartz Crystal Microbalance-Based Bio Sensor System, Microplate Multimode Reader.

Material Characterization Lab

Thermogravimetric Analyzer, Raman Spectroscopy, Ellipsometry, Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MASS).

Electron Microscopy & Spectroscopy Lab

HR-TEM (equipped with STEM, STEM Cs corrected, EDS, Gatan Quantum GIF and Digital CCD Camera), FIB-SEM dual-beam instrument, Low energy ion milling system and ion polisher, Ultrasonic disc cutter, Automated electronic dual-jet polishing system, Dimpling tool, Disc cutter, Low speed diamond cutter, Cryo Ultramicrotome, Dry-freezing diamond knife.

Class 1000 Clean Room for Nanofabrication Lab

Electron Beam Lithography System, E-beam and Thermal evaporator, Electroplating System, PECVD, Oxidation Furnace, ICP RIE, Deep RIE, Rapid Thermal Annealer, Plasma Asher, Mask Aligner, Surface Profiler, Probe Station, Leak Detector, 4-Point Probe, Ovens, Wire Bonder, Wafer Dicing.

Microfluidics & Microthermal Systems Lab

3D High Speed Velocimeter, Ferroelectric Tester, Thermal Camera, High Speed Camera, Fiber Fusion Splicer.

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