Phonogrammarchiv [Audio-Visual Research Archive] (PhA)
Core Data
Hosting Legal Entity
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Liebiggasse 5, Vienna, PO: 1010 (Austria)
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Scientific Description
Mission and objectives
The Phonogrammarchiv is a multi-disciplinary research sound and video archive, covering holdings from all continents. Since its foundation in 1899 the Phonogrammarchiv has been building up its holdings by cooperating with Austrian scholars and archiving their collected material, or by fieldwork conducted by staff members on special topics exploring new fields of methods and contents. The main tasks comprise the production, annotation, cataloguing and long-term preservation of audio-visual field recordings, making the cultural heritage available for future generations and enabling the dissemination of the recordings as well as technical developments in the field of AV recording and storage. Thus the Phonogrammarchiv adds to infrastructural performance valuable to both the scholarly community and the public at large. It offers methodological and technical support to Austrian researchers doing audio- and/or videographic fieldwork and is open to scholars and the interested public for any investigations in its collections. The Phonogrammarchiv is funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and is connected to DISMARC and EUROPEANA.

RI Keywords
Sound archive, Digital collections, Video archive, Digital archive, Analogue collections, Sociology, History, Cultural and social anthropology, Musicology, Linguistics, Ethnomusicology, Zoology, Databases, Online catalogue
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Data Archives, Data Repositories and Collections
Registers and Survey-led Studies/Databases
Research Data Service Facilities
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Social Sciences
Humanities and Arts
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Social and Cultural Innovation
Data access

Listening and viewing facilities, digital data base (documentation of the holdings), online catalogue, analogue documentation (typewritten, handwritten protocols), digital copies of the holdings on demand.

User support

Methodological training and expert advice for audio-visual fieldwork, technical support for researchers, and training in archival practices and technologies.