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Add RI

If you are a coordinator or main contact for a research infrastructure that may be MERIL-eligible and you would like to nominate it for inclusion in MERIL, please download and complete the Self-Assessment Form for Prospective New Entries. When you have filled out the form, please send it to the MERIL team at meril(at) We will forward your proposal to the relevant National or International Data Intermediaries for advisement. If the examination is positive, the MERIL team will create an entry for the RI and a user account for the contact person to complete the data for the RI through the back office of the portal. The RI profile page will be published once the core set of data has been provided by facility managers and has been quality checked by the MERIL team.

If you are a member of the general public and you think that MERIL is missing a research infrastructure, please use this form to make a suggestion or contact meril(at) The MERIL team will evaluate your suggestion and forward it to the relevant authorities for validation.