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"Clinical cognitive neuroscience " Lab (the Skyra Platform)

The lab has: (1) A 3 Tesla Simens Magnetom Skyra MRI (fMRI capable) with large bore (70 cm) and 32 channel head coil. Spinal coil, body coils, and flexible coils are also available for other clinical applications. Available imagistic applications include angiography, cardiology, abdominal, perfusion, diffusion tensor imaging, nervous tract visualization, functional imaging, spectroscopy and dynamic breast imaging. Parallel acquisition techniques and movement corrections are included (all coils are compatible for parallel acquisition). (2) A 32 channels EMS Pegasus/Phoenix clinical EEG system. It capable of FFT analysis, brain mapping and event potential registration and analysis. (3) A BIOPAC MP150 ( amplifier for psychophysiological data recording and analysis, including the following modules: GSR / EDA, cardiac activity, respiratory frequency, pulse-oxymetry, and EMG.

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