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Seismic Mechanic Study Laboratory (TAMARIS)
Hosting Legal Entity
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission
Gif-sur-yvette cedex, PO: 91191 (Undefined)
CEA Saclay, Bâtiment 603 - Point Courrier 112, Gif Sur Yvette, PO: 91191 (France)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 1991
Scientific Description
The objective of the Seismic Mechanic Studies Laboratory is to better understand the seismic behavior of components, equipment and structures, and to reduce the consequences of earthquakes (improvement of standards and diagnosis of existing facilities). The laboratory combines experimental and theoretical approaches. Research areas include modeling of structures under dynamic loading (seismic isolation, dynamic behavior of reinforced concrete structures, validation of structures under dynamic solicitation), deterministic and stochastic dynamic of non linear systems (stochastic dynamic for the calculation of seismic behavior, shaking table driving control, dynamic behavior of rotating machines), and interaction between fluid and structure.

RI Keywords
Numerical analysis, Earthquake engineering, Shaking tables
RI Category
Earthquake Simulation Laboratories
Mechanical Engineering Facilities
Civil Engineering Research Infrastructures
Scientific Domain
Engineering and Energy
Access to shaking tables

Access to the shaking tables is possible for public or private organizations. Contact must be established as soon as possible with CEA staff in order to check the technical faisability of the tests and the schedule.

Numerical analysis with CAST3M FE software

Cast3M ( is a computer code for the analysis of structures by the finite element method ( FEM ) and the Computational Fluids Dynamics. The code was developed in the Service of mechanical and thermal studies (SEMT) of the Department of modelling of the systems and the structures (DM2S) of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). The development of Cast3M is part of a research activity in the field of mechanics. The is to build a high level instrument to be used as a valid support for the design, dimensioning and analysis of structures and components, in the nuclear field and in other industrial sectors. Cast3M presents a complete system integrating calculation functions and functions of construction of the model (preprocessor) and of processing of the results (post-processor). Cast3M is a powerful, flexible analysis and optimization program for mechanical linear elastic problem in statics and dynamics (vibration, extraction of eigenvalue), thermal and heat transfer problem, nonlinear problem (elastic, plastic, creep materials), step by step dynamic problem.

Pit for mechanical excitements on large height structures

Depth : 15.5 m Widht : 4.2 m.

TOURNESOL Bi-axial Shaking Table

3 DOF shaking table Platform of the table : 2mx2m Maximum Payload : 10 Ton Maximum Displacement (X,Y) : (+/-125 mm ; +/-100 mm) Maximum Velocity (X,Y,Z) : 0.7 m/s Maximum Acceleration (fully loaded) : (X, Y) : 0.8 g.

AZALEE Triaxial Shaking Table

6 DOF shaking table Platform of the table : 6mx6m Maximum Payload : 100 Ton Maximum Displacement (X,Y,Z) : +/-125 mm Maximum Velocity (X,Y,Z) : 0.7 m/s Maximum Acceleration (fully loaded) : (X, Y) : 1 g - Z : 2 g.

VESUVE Monoaxial Horizontal Shaking Table

Single DOF shaking table Platform of the table : 3mx4m Maximum Payload : 20 Ton Maximum Displacement : +/-100 mm Maximum Velocity : 0.7 m/s Maximum Acceleration (fully loaded) : 1.5 g.

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