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National Maritime Museum (NMM)
Hosting Legal Entity
Self-standing RI
Park Row, National Maritime Museum, London, PO: SE10 9NF (United Kingdom)
Type Of RI
Single-sited, Virtual
Coordinating Country
United Kingdom
Provider Country:
United Kingdom
Royal Muesums Greenwich Online Collection
Current Status:
Operational since 1934
Scientific Description
To enrich people's understanding of the sea, the exploration of space, and Britain's role in world history.

Our aims 2014-2018
Our overall objective is to stimulate curiosity in all of our visitors; the trigger for discovery and learning.

Put visitors first
Create inspiring experiences that transform people’s understanding of our subjects and collections. People will have a greater understanding of maritime Britain and astronomy and their relevance to the world today.

Value our heritage
Care for and develop our unique collection and world historic sites. Our collections and buildings will be enhanced, accessible to all and preserved for the future.

Extend our reputation
Maximize reach and impact to local, regional, national and international audiences and stakeholders. We want to be an outward-looking organisation which rewards public trust with a worldwide reputation for quality, accessibility and originality.

Strengthen our organisation
Grow our expertise, increase revenues, control costs and manage risks to ensure we are a dynamic and entrepreneurial organisation that is culturally, intellectually and financially successful.


RI Keywords
Archive, Library services, Virtual library, Museum, Research library, British history, Maritime, History
RI Category
Research Libraries
Data Archives, Data Repositories and Collections
Scientific Domain
Humanities and Arts
ESFRI Domain
Social and Cultural Innovation
Access to Archive
Library Copying Services
Learning resources

Date of last update: 07/08/2018