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Moorepark Technology Ltd Pilot Plant (MTL)
Hosting Legal Entity
Moorepark Technology Limited
Moorepark West, Moorepark Techology Limited / Teagasc, Fermoy , Co., Cork, PO: P61 C996 (Ireland)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 1993
Scientific Description
The mission of Moorepark Technology Limited is to stimulate & enhance market led Research & Development in the Irish Food Industry through the provision & marketing of high quality, cost effective pilot plant facilities & research services.

RI Keywords
Pilot plant equipment, Food processing, Food technology, Food science and technology, Food product development
RI Category
Agronomy, Forestry, Plant Breeding Centres
Pilot Plants for Process Testing
Genomic, Transcriptomic, Proteomics and Metabolomics Facilities
Scientific Domain
Chemistry and Material Sciences
Biological and Medical Sciences
Pilot plant rental

MTL operates an ultra modern pilot plant covering 3,000 sq. metres floor area. Our facility contains the most up-to-date and versatile pilot scale processing equipment. While the plant was established around Dairy processing technologies, it now has a wide range of capabilities in general food and food ingredient development. MTL is arranged in a modular structure of self- contained processing areas. This guarantees single client access and total confidentiality.

Pre-Commercial Manufacture

A diversity of expertise in food technologies is available at Moorepark to undertake pre-commercial scale up and manufacture.

Contract Research & Development

MTL provides highly skilled R&D services that generate new products and help build core expertise.


There are 8 self contained operating units in MTL and are available at all times for customer use. Clients may avail of: • Wet Process Unit • Separation Technology • Evaporation & Drying • Cheese-making Unit • Fat Technology Unit • Food Technology Applications Unit • Fermentation Unit • Bio Functional Food Engineering Unit

Date of last update: 30/07/2019
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