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German General Social Survey (Allgemeine Bevölkerungsumfrage der Sozialwissenschaften) (ALLBUS)
Hosting Legal Entity
Leibniz Association
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 1980
Scientific Description
ALLBUS (Allgemeine Bevölkerungsumfrage der Sozialwissenschaften – German General Social Survey (GGSS)) is one of the foremost survey programs in Germany. It has been institutionalized as a part of GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences. The Research Data Center (RDC) ALLBUS provides regular and user-friendly access to the products of this survey program for all scientifically interested persons. Since 1980, ALLBUS has provided a series of representative cross-sectional samples drawn from the adult population in Germany. These biennial surveys include partly constant and partly variable modules of questions and derived data (added value). Data and metadata are processed and documented according to high standards, permitting:(a) Analyses of social structure, attitudes, values and behavior in Germany; (b) Social monitoring and comparisons over time; (c) Investigation of methodological questions; (d) Use as reference data for people in research or education.ALLBUS products are provided in diverse, easy to use versions. They are available to all the public with scientific interest on their first release. Details about the design and field work of each ALLBUS are documented in methodological reports. Supplementary information is offered online. All authors using ALLBUS may publish their scientific results independently and without prior restrictions.

RI Keywords
Political attitudes and participation, Environment, Social inequality, Health, Religion, Use of media, Social indicators, Survey methodology, Ethnocentrism, Survey data, Microdata, Cross-sectional survey, Abortion, Free time activities, Demography
RI Category
Registers and Survey-led Studies/Databases
Scientific Domain
Social Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Social and Cultural Innovation
Data access and consultation

ALLBUS data are provided in Stata, SPSS, and portable format. They are accompanied by comprehensive documentation. Questionnaires are continually improved according to research results. Advisory service for users is available.

Data sets and documents

Data and added value documents for more than 30 years of social monitoring, including ALLBUS time series.

Date of last update: 23/05/2019
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