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Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC)
Hosting Legal Entity
Self-standing RI
Legal Status
University or higher education institution
NUI Galway, IT Building, Galway, PO: H91 TK33 (Ireland)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Provider Country:
Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus
Current Status:
Operational since 2018
Scientific Description
Our Mission is to enable greater innovation and improved competitiveness for our users, clients and partners through the provision of optimal software solutions and infrastructure platforms, industry partnership and up-skilling of the Irish workforce, placing Ireland at the centre of the advanced technical computing community in Europe.

RI Keywords
Big computing, HPC, Supercomputing
RI Category
Centralised Computing Facilities
Scientific Domain
Information Science and Technology
PRACE Access

ICHEC is a member of the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), which has over 20 member countries whose representative organisations work to create a pan-European supercomputing infrastructure and ecosystem. PRACE provides access to computing and data management resources and services for large-scale scientific and engineering applications at the highest performance level. PRACE resources, which includes some of the largest supercomputers in Europe, are accessible to applicants with successful proposals submitted in response to Calls for Proposals. ICHEC can provide support in the preparation of PRACE resource applications.


Ranging from a short 5+ days of work to a multi-year service agreements at commercial rates, the majority of which are at TRL levels 8 & 9.

Training & Education

ICHEC has an extensive training and education programme that caters for researchers across third level institutions and more generally the Irish workforce. It provides a range of training courses, university education and mentorship opportunities that cover basic to advanced HPC skills, as well as topics on technical computing and computational science. Our academic courses are typically hosted at Irish third level institutions with participation open to all academic researchers without fees. Training Courses, graduate modules, mentorship & internships are available.

National HCP Service

The National HPC Service (NS) is the primary mechanism through which researchers gain access to ICHEC general-purpose computing resources. These resources are available to all researchers based in Irish third-level institutions, including undergraduate students, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and other academic staff.

ICHEC HPC Infrastructure

Supercomputing (HPC) infrastructure for numerical simulation, modelling and analysis

Access Type
Access Mode
Excellence Driven
Number of Users
Number Year
350 2018
Users Definition
Teams of individual researchers
User Demographics
Extra-European Users - 5.0% in 2018
National Users - 80.0% in 2018
European Users - 15.0% in 2018
Type of Users
Academic - 90.0%
Public research organisations - 7.0%
Industry/private companies - 3.0%
Date of last update: 20/11/2018