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Hosting Legal Entity
Norwegian Social Research (NOVA)
Munthes gate 29, Oslo, PO: 0208 (Norway)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2010
Scientific Description
Improving knowledge for meeting tomorrows sociopolitical challenges requires high quality longitudinal data that are easily available to researchers. The ACCESS Life Course Research Infrastructure establishes a Norwegian based research platform for interdisciplinary, cross-national research analysing life course patterns, in particular within the fields of ageing and demography. ACCESS provides data from two large-scale surveys: The Norwegian panel study on life course, ageing and generation (NorLAG) and The Life Course, Generation and Gender Study (LOGG).

RI Keywords
Life courses, Demography, Survey, Ageing
RI Category
Data Archives, Data Repositories and Collections
Scientific Domain
Social Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Social and Cultural Innovation
Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD)

NSD is one of the largest archives for research data of its kind and provides data to researchers and students in Norway and abroad. Additionally, NSD is a resource centre, which assists researchers with regard to data gathering, data analysis, and issues of methodology, privacy and research ethics. The main objective is to improve possibilities and working conditions for empirical research that is primarily dependent on the access to data. To fulfil this objective NSD works to reduce financial, technical, legal and administrative barriers between users and data resources.

The Norwegian panel study on life course, ageing and generation (NorLAG) and the Life Course, Generation and Gender study (LOGG)

Two waves of data collection: NorLAG1 and LOGG. LOGG is a merge between NorLAG and the United Nations-initiated Generations and Gender Survey (GGS). Data sources include survey data and annual updates from the public registers. Easy-to-use data on the following topics are available: work and retirement, family and intergenerational relations, mental health and quality of life, health and care, fertility histories and partnership dynamics. ACCESS facilitates access to these data providing cleaned and tested data files, detailed documentation of datasets and variables, and ready to use scales and measures.

Date of last update: 22/03/2017
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