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National Accelerator Centre (CNA)
Hosting Legal Entity
University of Seville
Spanish National Research Council
Junta de Andalucia
7, Av. Thomas Alva Edison, Sevilla, PO: 41092, Andalucia (Spain)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 1999
Scientific Description
National Center of Accelerators, CNA, is a joint center of the University of Seville, Junta de Andalucía and CSIC. It is a Unique Scientific-Technical Facility, ICTS, dedicated to interdisciplinary research and therefore open to external users. To do this, 6 different installations are used: a Van de Graaff 3 MV Tandem accelerator, a 18/9 MeV Cyclotron accelerator, an Accelerator 1MV Mass Spectrometer, a PET / CT scanner, a new radiocarbon dating system called MiCaDaS, and a 60Co Irradiator.The application of these 6 infrastructures covers fields as diverse as material sciences, environmental impact, nuclear and particle physics, nuclear instrumentation, medical imaging, biomedical research and preclinical molecular imaging or dating, medical imaging in patients, 14C and irradiation in samples of technological and biological interest, among others.

RI Keywords
14C dating, Cultural heritage, Environmental sciences, Material sciences, Archeometry, Ion accelerators, Nuclear physics, Tracking detectors, Irradiation experiments, Hot particles
RI Category
Nuclear Research Facilities
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mathematics
ESFRI Domain
Physical Sciences and Engineering
Health and Food
C-14 Dating

Associated to AMS, accelerator mass spectrometry, there is a service of 14C dating.

Production of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Radionuclides
Measurements by Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) Techniques

Provides multi-elemental analysis by XRF, Channeling, PIGE, PIXE, RBS and NRA methods for experiments such as material science, archaeology, environmental sciences, irradiation experiments, nuclear physics and nuclear instrumentation.

Measurements by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS)

Measurements of the content of Plutonium, Iodine, Beryllium and Carbon isotopes have been performed in environmental and historical samples.

PET/CT Scanners for Small Animals and for Humans

Scanners for Positron Emission Tomography and Computerized Tomography.

Mini Radiocarbon Dating System (MiCaDaS)

Accelerator used to C14 dating only.

60Co Irradiator

Equipment used to irradiation of aerospace technology by fotons.

Cyclotron 18/9 MeV

Accelerator used to IBA (Ion Beam Analisys) measurements and radionuclides PET producction.

1 MV Tandetron Accelerator

Accelerator used to long-life radionuclides mass spectrometry (Pu239-240, I129, Ca41, C14, Be10....).

3 MV Tandem Accelerator

Accelerator used to IBA (Ion Beam Analisys) measurements (PIXE, PIGE, NRA, RBS, CHANNELING ).

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Date of last update: 13/12/2018
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