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Hosting Legal Entity
Mediterranean Center for Environmental Studies
Carrer de Charles Robert Darwin, 14, València, PO: 46980 (Spain)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 1996
Scientific Description
The European PHOtoREactor (EUPHORE) consists of two twin outdoor atmospheric simulation chambers of 200 m3 each. It aims at i)the investigation into the photochemical degradation of atmospheric pollutants and study of generated products which present a potential risk for health and environment. ii) Database development with international projection, iii) Validation and implementation of photochemical models. iv) Development and validation of new instrumentation, as well as improvement of the already existing one v) Exploitation of the EUPHORE smog chambers, for the development of research projects managed by the Foundation, as well as for other national and international institutions.

RI Keywords
Gas-phase chemistry, Outdoor reactor, Aerosol formation, Gas-phase modelling, Atmospheric chemistry
RI Category
Atmospheric Measurement Facilities
Scientific Domain
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Gas-phase kinetic Experiments

Gas-phase kinetic Experiments.

Atmospheric Chemistry Experiments

Atmospheric Chemistry Experiments.

Atmospheric degradation Experiments

Atmospheric degradation Experiments.



ProtonTransfer mass Spectrometry

ProtonTransfer mass Spectrometry.

EUPHORE reactors

EUPHORE reactors.

Laser induced Fluorescence

Laser induced Fluorescence.

Liquid cromatography

Liquid cromatography.

Gas chromatography.mass spectrometry

Gas chromatography.mass spectrometry.

FT Infrarred Spectrometry

FT Infrarred Spectrometry.

Diesel engine

Diesel engine.

Diffential Opticas Absorption Spectrometry

Diffential Opticas Absorption Spectrometry.

NOx, SO2, O3, HCHO, HONO monitors

NOx, SO2, O3, HCHO, HONO monitors.

Date of last update: 15/02/2017
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