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Translational Research Infrastructure for Innovative Therapies in Neuroscience (NeurATRIS)
Hosting Legal Entity
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission
Gif-sur-yvette cedex, PO: 91191 (Undefined)
18 Route du Panorama, CEA/MIRCen Bat 61, Fontenay aux Roses, PO: 92265 (France)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2012
Under construction since 2014
Operational since 2012
Scientific Description
NeurATRIS is distributed across five major centers with strong track record and expertise in translational research and biotherapies for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system.The aim of NeurATRIS is to trigger strong and durable public/private partnerships and address three major and complementary issues for industrial competitiveness and health by: (i) developing specific lines of translational research and know-hows in neuroscience, aiming at discovering and qualifying new therapeutic solutions for a multiplicity of brain diseases including neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disordersat the preclinical and clinical level; (ii) overcoming the fragmented nature of science in bringing together various specialists of cell, gene and drug-based technologies, enabling cross-functional fusion of skills and expertise in a single structure, as efficient means to perform proof of principle and proof of concept studies; (iii) offering an easy access to state-of-the-art platforms along with highly trained personnel to academic, clinical and industrial sectors.

RI Keywords
Gene therapy, Biotherapies, Drug based therapy, Neuroscience, Cell therapy, Neuroimaging, Translational research, Neurodegenerative diseases
RI Category
Translational Research Centres
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Health and Food
Vector Research
Derivation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Behavioural Testing (Motor and Cognitive – BCL2 and BCL3) Conditions

Rodents and non-human primates.

Access to Histopathological Facilities

Operating under BCL1, BCL2 and BCL3.

Gene Therapy
Genetically-Modification of Tissues from Large Animal Models


Animal Model Creation

Rodent, non human primates in BCL1/BCL2/BCL3, zebrafish models for all main diseases affecting the central and peripheral nervous system.

High Throughput and High Content Screening
Cell and Gene Therapy


Preclinical Assessment of Gene Therapy for Paediatric CNS Diseases
Access to Cell Factory and Human Stem Cell Bank

MRI, EEG, MEG, PET operating under BCL1/BCL2/BCL3 conditions; pre clinical and clinical expertise.

Viral Vector Production

Lentiviral vector and AAV production (9 BCL3 laboratories).

Cell Therapy
Clinical Selection and Clinical Investigation of Paediatric CNS Diseases

Gene therapy approach.

Bioprocesses and Applied Vectorology
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging Systems

2μPET scanner operating under either BCL2 or BCL3 conditions for rodent/ non-human primate iamging; 5 PET and 4 γ (gamma) cameras; 2 scanners for human imaging; 1μPET for small animal imaging.

Histopathology Platform

Operating under BCL1, BCL2 and BCL3 conditions.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Systems

1.5T, 2x3T, 7T, 11.7T MRI systems for clinical purposes; 7T system for rodent and non-human primate imaging; 17.65T + 7T MRI system operating under BCL1/BCL2/BCL3 conditions for rodent and non-human primate imaging; 9.4T MRI system operating under BCL1/BCL2 conditions for rodents.


Brain Bank; DNA and cell bank; MS DNA bank; CNS tumor bank.

Radiochemistry Platform

Includes a cyclotron.

Animal Housing

With the following capacity: 1000 rodents under BCL1/BCL2 conditions, 1000 rodents under BCL3, 400 non-human primates under BCL1/BCL2 conditions. Zebrafish and xenopus housing.

Behavioural Testing Tools

400 m2 laboratory dedicated to behavioural testing (motor and cognitive testing) under BCL2 and BCL3 conditions.

Optical imaging tools

Confocal microscopy, bi-photonic microscopy, lightsheet, spinning-disk...

RI is a node of an ESFRI project
Date of last update: 20/02/2019
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