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SRCE Cloud Computing (VCL/VPS)
Hosting Legal Entity
University Computing Centre
Josipa Marohnica 5, Zagreb (Croatia)
Ulica Josipa Marohnića 5, SRCE -University Computing Centre, Zagreb, PO: HR-10000, Zagreb (Croatia)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2012
Scientific Description
Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a service which provides virtual machines for academic and research institutions. It allows users permanent full access and independent control over their assigned virtual infrastructure, delivers a range of advanced virtual datacenter features, and eliminates the need for physical hardware ownership and maintenance. Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) provides a service that allows users to reserve virtual machines or laboratories with predefined or custom sets of applications and remotely access it over the Internet.

RI Keywords
E-Infrastructures, Cloud computing, Clouds
RI Category
Centralised Computing Facilities
Scientific Domain
Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mathematics
Information Science and Technology
Chemistry and Material Sciences
Humanities and Arts
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Social Sciences
Engineering and Energy
Biological and Medical Sciences
User training
User support
VPS Cloud Services
Virtual laboratory services
Support for VCL and VPS services

A system comprising of 256 CPU cores with a dedicated 4TB of memory supports all VPS and VCL services at current capacity. This system can support up to 400 non-redundant virtual machines.

Date of last update: 12/04/2017
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