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Clean Coal Technologies Centre (CCTW)
Hosting Legal Entity
Central Mining Institute
Plac Gwarków 1, Katowice (Poland)
Institute For Chemical Processing Of Coal
Zamkowa 1, Zabrze, PO: 41-803, Województwo Śląskie (Poland)
Podleska 72, Mikołów, PO: 43-190, Województwo Śląskie (Poland)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2013
Scientific Description
The strategic goal of the Clean Coal Technology Centre is to conduct innovative research activities in the frame of clean coal technologies to limit the environmental impact of coal production and utilization as well as to increase the energy safety of Poland and EU. The direct goal is the creating of facilities to conduct research designated to: coal combustion, coal gasification, coal oxy-combustion, process gases separation, emissions control, implementation of nanotechnology in clean coal technology processes. In particular, the CCTW is designated to conduct research oriented on their commercialization, relating to: the development of advanced technologies of coal utilization with minimization of CO2 emissions; increasing the conversion efficiency as well as the minimization of CCS costs; development of technologies of chemical processing of coal; coal with biomass utilization; increasing the energy safety.

RI Keywords
Nanotechnology, Coal combustion, Emissions control, Coal gasification, Process gases separation, Energy safety, Coal oxy-combustion
RI Category
Environmental Management Infrastructures
Energy Engineering Facilities (non nuclear)
Scientific Domain
Engineering and Energy
Earth and Environmental Sciences
environmental monitoring - ecological analyses

broad range of sampling equipment.

advanced energy technologies

gas fuel cells test stand.

Impact dryer

for testing of solid materials drying in an impact dryer in purpose to modern solid fuels drying process development.

coal properties assessment

the broad range of solid fuels (coal and coke) and other (like biofuels, recovery fuels ) characteristics determination (ultimate analysis proximite analysis, pertographical, coking properties, ash behaviour properties, etc).

environmental monitoring - water and waste water

determination of organic compound in wastes, soils, waters, waste waters.

Testing plants for coal pyrolysis

one of the plants is designed for the study of solid fuel pyrolysis /(partial gasification) in circulated fluidised bed and the second for testing of solid fuels pyrolisis in fixed bed.

Chemical looping reactor

for the gas fuels combustion by mean of chemical looping and for oxygen carriers testing.

field plants instalation

many test stands for: atmosheric and pressurized gassification in reactors simulating coal seams, pressurized gassification in reactor with movable bed, direct hydrogenation, separation of process gases by means of membrane technology (PSA), syngas combustion in gas engine and turbine.

environmental monitoring - organic compounds analyses

determination of organic compound in wastes, soils, waters, waste waters.

effective generation and usage of energy

combustion chamber (test stand),.

Plant for biomass gasification GazEla

for biomass gasification in a fixed bed reactor and also for the process gas purification and use in piston engine.

Turbulent combustion chamber

for solid, liquid and gas fuels combustion testing as well as solid fuels oxy-combustion. Can be also fed by process gas from the gasification reactor or from pressure oxy-combustion reactor.

environmental monitoring - solid waste analyses

the broad range of different waste and soils characteristics determination.

underground test stand

designated to underground coal gasification tests.

CO2 removal plant (amine method)

for study the process of removing CO2 from the flue gas and the process gas by chemical absorption of amines solutions.

Testing station for residential heating boilers

the stand is designed to study the energy-emission heating equipment (boilers, furnaces, fireplaces, etc.) and solid fuels as well as biomass and liquid fuels.

Gas turbine

the stand is designed to evaluate the energy and environmental effects of gas mixtures combustion in a gas turbine.

Pressure coal gasification in CFB reactor

for solid fuels pressure gasification testing in circulating fluidized bed reactor in scale 50-100 kg/h.

Pressure oxy-combustion reactor

for solid fuels pressure oxygen combustion testing in scale 25-50 kg/h.

Date of last update: 10/06/2013
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