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Geophysical Observatory (GGRI HAS)
Csatkai Endre utca 6-8., Sopron, PO: HUN 9400 (Hungary)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2005
Scientific Description
The RI provides infrastructure for geo-environmental researches. Its elements: Geodetic and geodynamic measurements RI, which supports the following researches: study of the inner structure of the Earth, monitoring recent tectonic movements of the Pannonian Basin, investigation of local geodynamical movements in the surrounding of faults, dangerous industrial objects and areas being prone to landslides. Geoelectromagnetism RI, which contains the equipments necessary to the measurements carried out in field and in the Széchenyi István Geophysical Observatory, and which are used for modelling. The Hungarian Seismological Network, which besides earthquake monitoring provides data for scientific researches. The activities of the three RIs are in close connection with each other, they are complementary.

RI Keywords
Earthquakes, Geodesy, Environment, Tide, Environmental protection, Tectonics, Seismology, Geodynamics, Earth crust, Geoelectrics, Space climate, Magnetotellurics, Atmospheric electricity, Geophysics, Geomagnetism, Space weather
RI Category
In situ Earth Observatories
Civil Engineering Research Infrastructures
Scientific Domain
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Engineering and Energy
Geo-electromagnetic Data Services

Consultation concerning problems related to geo-electromagnetism; consultation concerning problems related to seismology and seismic risk.

Geo-environmental Measurements

Geodetic research, global (Earth tides, resent tectonic movements) and local geodynamic (local tectonic movements in surroundings of fault, dangers objects (dams, nuclear power plants, landslides, etc.)) measurements by continuously recording extensometers, borehole tiltmeters and geodetic (GPS, EDM, precise levelling) measuring methods, gravitational measurements; Study of the connection between ground and object movements; Investigation of movements and deformations of dangerous industrial objects (dams, nuclear power stations, bridges, etc.); Development of instruments, laboratory and in-situ calibration of geodynamic and geodetic instruments. Investigation of the variations of the Earth's electromagnetic field; Deep and near-surface field geophysical research; Earthquake observations, processing and interpretation of the recorded data: Earthquake seismograms and their processing; Geophysical, geological and environmental interpretation of seismological observations; Geodynamic, earth structure and environment protection research.

Earthquake Hazard Assessment

Deterministic and statistical earthquake hazard assessment.

Access to Seismological Data Banks
GGKI HAS-HSN – Hungarian Seismological Network

The Hungarian Seismological Network (HSN) consists of six broadband stations: Budapest, Sopron, Becsehely, Tarpa, Piszkéstető, Mórágy, which are equipped with broadband seismometers, 24 bit digitizers, time signal receivers, industrial computers. Records of the stations are collected by the Budapest Seismological Observatory connected on-line to the additional short periodic stations and with foreign stations. Data centre with the use of recorded seismograms determines the magnitudes, geographical coordinates and focal depths of earthquakes, forwards data of the Hungarian stations to collaborative foreign institutions. The HSN guarantees for the Seismological Department of GGRI the necessary for its research work observed data and makes possible the participation in international scientific data exchange. An expectation to the Seismological Department is the immediate and accurate information of the public and the governmental institutions. in connection with earthquakes.

GGRI HAS-GEOM – Geoelectromagnetism – observatory, field, modelling, data base

Equipments and instruments to monitor various variations of the Earth's electromagnetic field, especially to investigate the long-term changes of geoelectromagnetic activity and parameters, with the following elements: 1. Széchenyi István Geophysical Observatory 2. field electromagnetic geophysical instruments 3. numerical and analogue modelling devices 4. observatory data bases.

GGRI HAS-GGM - Geodetic and geodynamic measurements

The RI consists of the Sopronbánfalva Geodynamical Observatory, the Laboratory for Instrument Calibration, Computer Centre of the Geodetic and Geophysical Research Institute (GGRI) as well as from the instruments necessary for global and local geodynamic and geodetic measurements. The Sopronbánfalva Geodynamical Observatory in co-operation with other observatories provides data for study of the inner structure of the Earth and for the investigation of the tectonic movements in the Pannonian Basin. The Laboratory for Instrument Calibration possesses equipments and instruments for investigation and calibration of geodetic instruments. In addition the instruments of the KI provide data for geodetic and environmental basic researches. The Computer Centre supports the solution of the data processing tasks and provides direct connection with the partners of the KI.

Date of last update: 01/09/2017
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