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Supercomputing Center of Galicia (CESGA)
Hosting Legal Entity
Centre of Supercomputing of Galicia
Santiago de Compostela, PO: 15705, A Coruña (Spain)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 1993
Scientific Description
CESGA Foundation was founded in 1993 and it is a non-profit institution whose trustees pertain to the Regional Government of Galicia and to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The mission of CESGA is to perform research in computational science as well as, to boost, spread, and provide services of high performance computing and communications to the communities of Galician researchers and to CSIC, as well as to those companies or institutions that request them. In this way, CESGA contributes by means of technological improvement and innovation to the amelioration of the competitiveness of companies. The most significant functions of the Centre are the conduct of research in computational science, the provision of high performance computing and advanced communications to the user community, the management of the "Science and Technology Network of Galicia", and the promotion of cooperation between companies and institutions. CESGA is recognised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation as a Singular Scientific Technological Installation (ICTS).

RI Keywords
High performance computing, Computational models, Scientific code development, Distributed computing, Grid metrics, Grid computing, E-science infrastructure monitoring, Computational science services, Scientific software, Science and technology networks, Cloud computing for science, Supercomputing, Computational simulations
RI Category
Software Service Facilities
Communication Networks
Centralised Computing Facilities
Complex Data Facilities
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Engineering and Energy
Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mathematics
Information Science and Technology
Chemistry and Material Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Physical Sciences and Engineering
Access to supercomputing hours

Through periodic announcements, CESGA offers access to its resources to researchers of the scientific community of EU countries, the European Economic Area, countries of the CYTED program, and also to researchers with legal residence in any of these countries. The main objective of said announcements is to provide access to CESGA 's resources to research groups or individuals, a priority access to CESGA 's computational resources in order to carry out research projects, acquisition of knowledge, or training in the technologies of use in the installation. In order to serve ITCS users, CESGA annually makes available 3,000,000 hours of FinisTerrae computation, which is equal to 20% of the total computational hours per year. For more information regarding access to the announcements, please consult the ICTS information page.


The Finisterrae supercomputer installed in the CESGA is an integrated system by nodes by heart shared with an architecture SMP NUMA. Finisterraeis composed by: 143 nodes of computation: - 142 nodes HP Integrity rx7640 with 16 cores Itanium Montvale and 128 GB by heart each one. - 1 node HP Integrity Superdome, with 128 cores Itanium Montvale and 1.024 GB by heart. A system of hierarchical storage with: - 22 nodes for management of storage with a total of 96 cores of process. - 390.000 GB in disk. - 2.200.000 GB in robot tape. - A network of interconnection between nodes Infiniband 4 x DDR to 20 Gbps. - A connection of external network to 10 Gbps.

Date of last update: 13/04/2017
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