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Swedish National Data Service (SND)
Hosting Legal Entity
University of Gothenburg
Medicinaregatan 18A, Swedish National Data Service, Göteborg, PO: 413 90 (Sweden)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Provider Country:
Karolinska institutet | Lund University | Stockholm university | Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences | Umeå universitet | Uppsala University
Current Status:
Being upgraded since 2018
Scientific Description
SND is a national resource that facilitates access to new and existing Swedish research data within and outside of Sweden. SND also provides support to researchers in Sweden throughout the process of data management.SND’s primary role is to support the accessibility, preservation, and re-use of data and related materials. We accept research data and data descriptions from researchers in Sweden and internationally and ensure that data are stored securely in a way that allows them to be used in the future. Data and metadata are submitted to SND using a web form. Data receive a detailed metadata description and a persistent identifier, and are added to our search catalogue. Re-use of data could entail secondary analysis by researchers in the same or other fields, or students using them for essays or papers. A researcher that deposits data with us retains the right to decide how and by whom their data are used.As part of our support to researchers, we provide guidance on how to write a data management plan, and how to manage data over the lifespan of a project. We also provide information on the legal aspects of research, such as research ethics and informed consent. You can find this under Data management. We arrange events on topics related to research and research data every year, which you can read about under Events. We are active in a number of collaborations and projects nationally and internationally. You can read about this under International memberships and Projects. We are always available to provide advice about how to manage data in the best possible way. Please contact one of our Staff if you have any questions.SND’s mandate is provided by the Swedish Research Council. SND is located in Gothenburg and hosted by the University of Gothenburg.SND is a service organisation for Swedish research within the humanities, social sciences and health sciences. SND helps Swedish and international researchers gain access to existing data within and outside of Sweden. SND provides support and guidance to researchers throughout the whole research process. SND is the Swedish node in an international network of data archives. This network is an important part of the research infrastructure.

RI Keywords
Data archiving, Research support, Curation, Dissemination
RI Category
Data Archives, Data Repositories and Collections
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
Humanities and Arts
Social Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Social and Cultural Innovation
Data archiving and Data dissemination

Securing data for the future.

Access Type
Mail-in, Virtual
Access Webpage
Users Definition
RI is a node of an ESFRI project
Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives
Date of last update: 22/02/2019
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