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Czech Education and Scientific NETwork (CESNET)
Hosting Legal Entity
Czech Educational and Scientific Network
Zikova 4, Prague, PO: 16000 (Czech Republic)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Czech Republic
Current Status:
Operational since 1997
Scientific Description
The E-infrastructure CESNET establishes a transparent environment for transferring, storing and processing scientific data for Czech entities dealing with R&D&I. The system is interconnected with other similar foreign infrastructures like Géant and EGI. The most important international relationships of CESNET association are as: DANTE shareholder, TERENA member, Internet2 international partner, participant of the European Géant and EGI projects, GLIF participant. E-infrastructure CESNET is provided by CESNET, z. s. p. o. - the association of 26 Czech public universities and Academy of Sciencesf founded in 1996. The access to the infrastructure is predominantly granted to legal entities dealing with research, education and innnovation. Currently, about 2/3 of infrastructure costs are covered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech republic within the programme supporting research infrastructures for R&D (project LM2010005). Remaing costs are covered from resources gained as a result of cooperation with the entities exploiting CESNET’s infrastructure services, mainly represented by association member fees.

RI Keywords
National Research and Education Network, Clouds, Security, E-Infrastructures, Storage, Communication network, Grid
RI Category
Communication Networks
Distributed Computing Facilities
Data Archives, Data Repositories and Collections
Scientific Domain
Information Science and Technology
e-infrastructure CESNET

Set of advanced ICT services necessary for users of R&D activities comprising data transfering, storing and processing facilities.

Distributed computing facility
Distributed data storage
Communication network infrastructure
European Grid Infrastructure (EGI)
Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (TERENA)
Date of last update: 08/07/2014
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