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National Archives Service of Finland (NARC)
Hosting Legal Entity
The Ministry of Education in Finland
Rauhankatu 17, PO: FIN-00171 (Finland)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
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Scientific Description
The National Archives direct the operations of the National Archives Service. It also guides the archives and records management of the central government administration and acts as a national central agency and research and development centre in its field of expertise.The National Archives acquire and preserve records of authorities and private individuals, obtain archival materials that are central to Finnish history and promote their use in research.The National Archives are headed by a Director General, who also has the honorary title of National Archivist of Finland. The Director General is assisted by two Deputy Director’s General and an Administrative Director.The National Archives employ a total of around 160 employees in its four facilities in Helsinki.

RI Keywords
Archives, Finland, Records, Russian Empire, History, Administration, Sweden
RI Category
Research Archives
Research Libraries
Scientific Domain
Humanities and Arts
ESFRI Domain
Social and Cultural Innovation
Information service, online databases

Assists in questions related to documents. It is also possible to order copies of the documents and to have certificates and reports made. Digitised material is available at the Digital Archive.

Reading rooms, library

Reseach is conducted in reading rooms. The Library of the National Archives is a national scientific library specializing in the archival field and in heraldry.

Date of last update: 30/03/2017
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