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Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems Research and Application Center (METU-MEMS)
Hosting Legal Entity
Middle East Technical University
Ankara Üniversitesi, Ankara, PO: 06110 (Turkey)
Eskisehir Yolu 9. Km, Ankara, PO: 06531 (Turkey)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2002
Scientific Description
MEMS activities at METU started in 1995 within the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. Since then a number of research projects have been conducted that are supported by various national and international institutions, including TUBITAK, the State Planning Organization (DPT), MSB Ar-Ge, SSM, the European Union's 6th and 7th Framework Programmes, NATO SfS Programme, NSF, TOFAS, and Intel.As a result, a considerable amount of knowledge and experience has been gained, and the first MEMS center was established in Turkey in 2008 as the METU-MEMS Center. At the METU-MEMS Center a wide variety of microsensors and components has been and is being developed, including low-cost CMOS infrared detectors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, DNA analysis systems, biosensors, micro power generators, chip cooling systems, acoustic sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, frost sensors, piezoresistive and capacitive pressure sensors, and various RF MEMS components. Some of the developed prototypes show performance comparable to the best examples in the world, and efforts to commercialize these microsensors and microsystems are continuing.In the past 15 years, the METU-MEMS Center has collaborated with a number of national/international partners such as IMEC (one of the largest microelectronics/MEMS center in Europe), Intel, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Arizona State University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ASELSAN, TOFAS, and ARCELIK (also known as BEKO). With the help of these collaborations and the success of the projects, the METU-MEMS Center has gained well-deserved recognition both in national and international arenas. Based on this reputation, the IEEE/ASME MEMS 2006 conference was held in Istanbul, Turkey. The Center has recently been awarded a European Union 7th Framework Programme (EU-FP7) Regional Potentials (REGPOT) Project (METU-MEMS).The current goal of the METU-MEMS Center is to be a center of excellence in MEMS field, serving national and international research and technology for industrial development.

RI Keywords
BioMEMS, IR Sensor, Gyroscope, Rare cell detection, RF-MEMS, Cell separation, PowerMEMS, Energy harvesting, Microtechnology, MEMS, Microsystems, Accelerometers, Microbolometer, IMU
RI Category
Micro- and Nanotechnology facilities
Scientific Domain
Information Science and Technology

MEMS device fabrication; MEMS-based fabrication porcesses (thin film deposition, etching etc.).

Testing and Characterization

Device-level testing; material characterization.


MEMS device design.

Sputter - 1

Bestec Manual Loading (Cr, Ti, NiCr, Au) 4-6".

Plasma Activation

EVG 810 LT Plasma Activation.

Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP)

İPEC 472 Wafer Polisher 4-6-8".

Vapor HF etcher


IR Microscope

Idonus IR Microscope.

Dry / Wet Oxidation

RCA cleaning prior to high-temperature treatment, Atmospheric thermal dry oxidation, Atmospheric thermal wet oxidation, High temperature drive-in under inert atmosphere, 5 furnaces, THERMCO.

RIE - 1

STS Multiplex RIE System for 4", 6" , and 8" wafers (Silicon Dioxide, Silicon nitride, BCB, Polyimide, Parylene).

Sputter 3

AJA1/2/3 (Cr, Ti, Au, Cu, Ni, Al) 4-6", 3 separate chambers, Co-sputtering capability.

Laser Cutter

Newwave WAVN Quicklase 50ST laser cutter.

Wire Bonder - 2

Kluicke & Soffa Manual Wedge Bonder Model 4500.

Die Bonder



4-6-8" compatible wet benches (Silicon dioxide etching with BHF solution, Silicon nitride etching, Anisotropic silicon etching using KOH, TMAH, and EDP, Isotropic silicon etching using HNA, Electrochemical etching using KOH and TMAH solutions, Metal etching: Al, Cu, Ti, Ni, Cr, Au, Resist stripping in organic solvents).

Wafer Dicer - 2

DISCO DAD 3350 Silicon, glass, silicon-to-glass bonded and GaAs substrates, up to 8", with circle cut capability.

Wire Bonder - 1

Kluicke & Soffa Manual Universal Thermosonic Gold Ball Bonder Model 4124.

Pick & Place Tools

Essemtec UP3100 manual placement system for BGA, CSP, and Fine Pitch components.

Evaporator - 2

Varian Thermal Evaporator (Cr, Ti, Au) 4-6".

Spinner - 1

Bidtec Manual Spinner 4-6".

Probe Station

Lucas Signatone 200 mm manual analytic probe station.

Wafer Bonder - 2

EVG 520IS 4-6-8" Wafer Bonder (Silicon to glass anodic bonding, Eutectic bonding, Thermocompression bonding, Fusion Bonding).

Critical Point Dryer - 2


Mask/Bond Aligner (4 "-6 ")

EVG 620 Precision Alignment System & Bond Aligner for 4" and 6" wafers.

Parylene Deposition System

PDS 2000 Parylene Deposition System.

Isotropic Si dry etch

Xactix X4 Non-plasma silicon etching based on Xenon Difluoride (XeF2) gas.


ASML PAS 5500/200B Stepper (0.35µm resolution).

RIE - 2

SPTS Omega i2L APS RIE 6"-8" Wafers (SiO2, SixNy, polyimide).

Stress Measurement

TOHO TECHNOLOGY FLX-2320-S Wafer-Level Stress Measurement System.


FTIR-210 IR-VASE Elipsometer.

Probe Station

SUSS PAV 200 Automatic Probe Station with vacuum chamber, heat controlled chuck, Polytec MSA-500 dynamic MEMS analyser capability and chamber window for IR application.

Die Bonder

SET FC150 Automated Die / Flip Chip Bonder.

Spinner - 2

Suss LabSpin 8 Manual Spinner 4-6-8".

Surface Profiler - 1

Veeco Dektak 8 Profiler 4-6".

Surface Profiler - 2

Veeco Wyko NT 1100 Optical Profiler.

Four Point Probe - 2

QuadPro Four Point Probe Measurement System with heat controlled chuck.

Evaporator - 3

Varian Thermal Evaporator (Sn) 4-6".


STS Multiplex ASE HRM System for 4" 6" wafers, and 8".

Microscope - 2

Nikon LV 150, 150x 8"-compatible optical microscope (2 pieces).

Evaporator -1

AJA e-beam evapoator (Ti, Cr, Pt, Au, Al) 4-6".

Four Point Probe - 1

Magnetron Model M-700 Four Point Probe System.

Wire Bonder - 3

Delvotec Au ball bonder (Semi-Auto).


FIBRoplate process, uniformly on 4" & 6" wafers (Au, Ni, and Cu).

Critical Point Dryer - 1


ICP (Metal RIE)

STS Multiplex ICP System for 4", 6" , and 8" wafers (Au, Ti, SiCr, Cr, Al).

Thickness Measurement

Nanospec/AFT Computerized Film Thickness Measurement System.

Microscope - 1

Nikon 100x microscopes.

Spinner - 3 / Spray Coater

Suss ACS200 Automatic coater/Spray coater 4-6-8" (2 spin, 2 develop, 1 spray, 1 bake, 1 HMDS stations).

Microscope - 3

Hirox KH7700 3D digital microscope.

Vacuum Packaging


Wafer Bonder - 1

EVG 501 Universal Bonder 4" and 6" (Silicon to glass anodic bonding, Eutectic bonding, Thermocompression bonding, Fusion Bonding).

Particle Scanner

Airborn particle scanner.


SPTS Delta i2L APM PECVD System for 4", 6" , and 8" wafers (Silicon dioxide (SiO2), Silicon nitride (SixNy), Stress free silicon nitride (SixNy), Amorphous Si (A-Si)).

Wafer Dicer - 1

DISCO DAD 321 Silicon, glass, silicon-to-glass bonded and GaAs substrates, up to 6".

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) - 1

STS Multiplex PECVD System for 4", 6" , and 8" wafers (Silicon dioxide (SiO2), Silicon nitride (SixNy), Stress free silicon nitride (SixNy), Amorphous Si (A-Si), Phosphosilicate glass (PSG), Borosilicate glass (BSG), Waveguide silicon dioxide (W-SiO2)).

O2 Plasma Tools

Nanoplus - 1,Nanoplus - 2,Branson IPC.


Boron diffusion using BBr3 and B2H6 gases, Phosphorus diffusion using POCl3 gas, 26 furnaces, THERMCO.

Wire Bonder - 4

Delvotec Al wedge bonder (Semi-Auto).

Sputter - 2

Bestec Automatic Loading (Cr, Ti, NiCr, Au) 4-6-8" Co-sputtering capability.


JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) up to 8", automatic loading, EDS option.

Mask Maker

HIMT DWL200 Laser Direct Writing 1µm resolution.

Wafer/Mask Cleaner

EVG 301 Wafer and Mask Cleaner.

Low pressure chemical vapour deposition systems (LPCVD)

TEMPRESS LPCVD SYSTEM, 4 tubes, 4-6", Silicon dioxide (SiO2), Silicon nitride (SixNy), Stress free silicon nitride (SixNy) and polysilicon.


STS Multiplex, Pegasus for 4" 6", and 8" wafers.


Strasbaugh 7AF 4-6-8" Wafer grinder.

Mask/Bond Aligner 4 "-6 "-8 "

EVG 6200 Precision Alignment System & Bond Aligner for 4", 6", and 8" wafers.

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