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Earlham Institute (EI)
Hosting Legal Entity
Earlham Institute
Norwich Research Park, The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), Norwich, PO: NR4 7UH (United Kingdom)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
United Kingdom
Current Status:
Operational since 2009
Scientific Description
The Genome Analysis Centre is a research institute focused on the application of state of the art genomics and bioinformatics to advance plant, animal and microbial research to promote a sustainable bioeconomy. TGAC is a hub for innovative bioinformatics founded on research, analysis and interpretation of multiple, complex data sets. We host one of the largest computing hardware facilities dedicated to life science research in Europe.

RI Keywords
Genomics, Analysis. high-throughput, Bioinformatics, Computational bioscience, High performance computing
RI Category
Genomic, Transcriptomic, Proteomics and Metabolomics Facilities
Data Mining and Analysis (Methodological) Centers, including statistical analysis
Complex Data Facilities
Centralised Computing Facilities
Data Archives, Data Repositories and Collections
Research Data Service Facilities
Bio-informatics Facilities
Systems Biology/Computational Biology Facilities
Structural Biology Facilities
Scientific Domain
Information Science and Technology
Biological and Medical Sciences

Computational biology for genome data sets.

Genomic sequencing

Analysing genetic data for animals, microbes and plants. Techniques include but not exclusively: de novo genomic sequencing, resequencing and transcriptome analysis etc.

DNA Synthesis

Natural or artificial creation of molecules.

Perkin Elmer Caliper robotic platforms

for lab automation & liquid handling. TGAC is a Perkin Elmer Reference lab.

Data Centre

Stores and handles large amounts of genome data, 2500 cores and 20 TB of RAM.

Optical mapping

visualising long DNA molecules to improve sequence assemblies.

Data Centre technology

1 x 3000 core Linux HPC cluster 2 x SGI UV100 ccNUMA supercomputer with 768 cores and 6TB RAM 1x SGI UV2000 ccNUMA supercomputer with 2560 cores, 20TB RAM, 32 No. Xeon Phi and >100TB scratch disk Approx 2.1 PB usable data storage, and 1.8P data mirror (DR) capacity.

Next Generation Sequencing Platforms

Illumina: Miseq, HiSeq200 & HiSeq2500, Life Technologies Ion Proton, Single molecule sequencing: Pacific Bioscience RS II and Oxford Nanopore Technologies MinION.

Date of last update: 17/02/2017
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