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Swiss Social Archives (SozArch)
Hosting Legal Entity
Swiss Social Archives
Stadelhoferstrasse 12, Zürich, PO: 8001 (Switzerland)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 1906
Scientific Description
The Swiss Social Archives (founded in 1906) are Switzerland's main research infrastructure in the fields of social issues and social movements. They include a scientific library (currently 160.000 books and 57.000 volumes of journals and newspapers), archival collections of currently 530 instititutions and 83 individuals, audiovisual materiel (including 109,000 photographs and 2.000 CDs and DVDs) as well as a large documentary collection of pamphlets and newspaper articles (15,000 boxes). These materials are made availabe to historical research and related disciplines. Through the Ellen Rifkin Hill foundation the Swiss Social Archives also provide funding for research related to their topical focus. The Swiss Social Archives are funded by the Swiss Confederation as well as the Canton and the City of Zurich. National and international co-operations and networks include the European Labour History Network (ELHN), the International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI)/Social History Portal, Europeana, NEBIS, the Swiss National Library, Webarchiv Schweiz, and Memoriav. The Swiss Social Archives work closely together with the History Departments of the Swiss universities.

RI Keywords
Socialism, Feminism, Protest, Social movements, Anarchism, New left, Pacifism, Social issues, Social democratic party of switzerland, Labour movement, Social policy, Society, Trade unions, Communism
RI Category
Research Archives
Research Libraries
Scientific Domain
Humanities and Arts
Social Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Social and Cultural Innovation

Access to topic related information.

Ellen Rifkin Hill foundation

funding of research related to the topical focus of the Swiss Social Archives.


Access to archival materiel.


Access to topic related literature.

European Labour History Network (ELHN)
International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI)
Date of last update: 31/03/2017
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