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Labour Market and Social Security Panel Study (PASS)
Hosting Legal Entity
German Federal Employment Agency
104 Regensburger Street, Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Nuremberg, PO: 90478, Bayern (Germany)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2006
Scientific Description
The Panel Study ‘Labour Market and Social Security’ (PASS) is an annual household survey conducted by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). Since 2006 every year approximately 15,000 persons in more than 10,000 households have been interviewed in Germany. The study is carried out as part of the IAB’s research into the German Social Code Book II (SGB II). The IAB has the statutory mandate to study the effects of benefits and services under SGB II aimed at integration into the labour market and subsistence benefits. However, due to its elaborate sampling design and changing focal topics PASS provides information beyond this scope and is thus a useful resource for any research investigating the labour market, the social state or povertyin Germany. All PASS waves are available as weakly anonymized Scientific Usefiles. All datasets can be used by researchers at scientific institutions for non-commercial research. Data Access is provided by the The Research Data Centre (FDZ) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB). See is financed by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Funding of the first 10 waves is secure. In 2013 the 7th panel wave is being conducted. Currently, the first five waves of PASS are available as weakly anonymized Scientific Use Files. Wave 6 will be available from autumn 2013.

RI Keywords
Household panel survey, Poverty, Labour market, Employment, Unemployment, Unemployment benefit II, Socials sciences
RI Category
Registers and Survey-led Studies/Databases
Scientific Domain
Social Sciences
Research Service

Training (yearly trainings at IAB or partner university); user support (continuous).

International Panel Survey Methods Workshops
Gesprächsrunde der Leiterinnen und Leiter der großen Panelstudien in Deutschland
Workshop of Panelsurveys in Germany
Date of last update: 24/10/2013
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