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Biocenter Finland (BF)
Hosting Legal Entity
University of Tampere
University of Turku
Åbo Akademi University
University of Helsinki
University of Eastern Finland
University of Oulu
Haartmaninkatu 8, Biocenter Finland - P.O. Box 63, Helsinki, PO: FI-00014 (Finland)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2017
Scientific Description
Biocenter Finland is an umbrella organisation of biocenters in six Finnish Universities (Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Tampere and Turku, and the Åbo Akademi University). When established in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Finnish biocenters represented new types of multidisciplinary research organizations bringing together life scientists and biomedical researchers working in universities, research institutions, hospitals and industry. Establishment of biocenters marked the first stage in the restructuring of basic research; multidisciplinary research programs were initiated, research infrastructure was strengthened through joint core facilities, and researcher training and technology transfer were reorganized. Establishment of Biocenter Finland in 2006 marked the second stage in the restructuring of biological and medical research infrastructure at the national level. Today the most visible activity of Biocenter Finland is provision of funding for nationwide technology services in the partner biocenters for the benefit of the entire scientific community. The aim is to avoid unnecessary overlaps and invest into the newest technologies and equipment. Technology services are provided by Biocenter Finland infrastructure networks in bioinformatics; biological imaging; genome-wide methods; model organisms; proteomics and metabolomics; stem cells and biomaterials; structural biology and biophysics; translational research technologies; and viral gene transfer and cell therapy. Biocenter Finland also supports emerging technologies, and promotes international researcher training and recruitment, research career development, and commercial exploitation of research results. Through its infrastructure networks Biocenter Finland is actively involved in the development pan-European infrastructures on the ESFRI Roadmap.

RI Keywords
Proteome, X-ray, Genome-wide methods, NMR spectroscopy, Cell therapy, Metabolomics, Drug discovery, Bioinformatics, Structural biology, Electron microscopy, Light microscopy, Chemical biology, Stem cells, Mass spectrometry, Mouse models, Viral gene transfer, SPECT, Biobanking
RI Category
Genomic, Transcriptomic, Proteomics and Metabolomics Facilities
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
Technology platforms

• Bioinformatics • Biological imaging • Genome editing • Genome-wide methods • Liquid biopsies • Model organisms • Proteomics and metabolomics • Single-cell omics • Stem cells • Structural biology • Translational technologies • Viral gene transfer

Date of last update: 31/07/2019
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