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Creation, Breeding, Phenotyping, Distribution Arhiving of Vertebrate Model Organisms (CELPHEDIA)
Hosting Legal Entity
Creation, Breeding, Phenotyping, Distribution anhiving of Vertebrate Mod Arcdels
1 Rue Laurent Fries, Illkirch, PO: 67404, Strasbourg (Alsace) (France)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2009
Scientific Description
CELPHEDIA gathers 11 French scientific centers involved in creation, breeding, phenotyping, archiving and distribution of several organism models. Its main objective is to develop innovative, standardized and massively parallel technological approaches, in order to accelerate the understanding of the genome and the generation of models of human or animal diseases. Other objectives are to improve and harmonize procedures and protocols while guaranteeing the efficiency and the reliability, while facilitating national or international access to the models of interest.

RI Keywords
Breeding, Aquatic vertebrates, Mouse, Phenotyping, Animal welfare, Non-human primates, Functional exploration, Genetic engineering
RI Category
Cell Culture Facilities
Animal facilities
Biomedical Imaging Facilities
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Health and Food

Embryos cryopreservation, sperm cryoconservation, organs, biological material (RNA, DNA, proteins…).

Transgenic Model Creation

Genetic engineering: creation of new transgenic organism models.


Distribution of genetically modified mouse strains.


Husbandry and breeding of several organisms according the center: mouse, rat, other rodent, non human primate, xenope, zebra-fish.


Monitoring the health status of a mouse line (quarantine, decontamination, health/sanitary control), mouse husbandry, mouse breeding, genetic background fixation, genotyping, generation of cohorts, genetic quality control of a mouse model (validation of genetic modification, level of gene expression and tissue expression).

Genetic Engineering

Creation of genetically modified mouse models by transgenesis and targeted mutagenesis, production of ES cells, screening and validation of recombinated ES cells.


CELPHEDIA partners offer guidance in the choice of the organism model and a wilde range of courses and workshops for the use of the model.


Clinical phenotyping in vivo in the field of anatomic-pathology, behavior, cognition and sensory systems, cardiovascular system, neuromuscular system, nutrition and metabolism, renal function, pulmonary,embryology and reproduction, immunology, inflammation, allergy, infectiology, oncology, clinical chemistry and hematology), in vivo imaging (photonic, 2D and 3D radiologic, isotopic imaging), in vitro and in situ immunophenotyping ( Innate and adaptive immune sytem under normal or confined condition),.


Distribution of wild-type organisms, modified strains, embryos, eggs (fish, xenope), biological material to users.

Microsurgery Facilities

In vivo model development (mouse) tools; animal testing training (mouse, pig, rabbit); stereotaxy; xenografs; BrainSight type neuro-navigation device.

Aquatic Vertebrate Breeding Facility

Closed circuit aquarium (xenope, fish).

Rodent bBreeding Facilities

Housing and breeding rooms for mouse and rat under various health status (SPF, SOPF, biosafety containment from A2 to A3), in various devices (opened cages, ventilated racks) and with controlled environnement (temperature, light, photoperiod, food quantity).

Non-Human Primate Imaging Platform

For non-invasive exploration through: molecular, microscopic, mesoscopic, macroscopic imaging tools.

Immunophenotyping Platform

Facs analysers; cell sorter; cell separator; Luminex; mass cytometer; polychromatic flow cytometry devices; BSL3 live imaging (confocal and biphotonic imaging).

Phenotyping Platform

Material for functional exploration (HPLC, OLYMPUS AU-400 automated laboratory work station, luminex, facs analyser, metabolic cages, comprehensive indirect calorimetry system, exercise treadmill, NMR body composition, echocardiographs, blood pressure measurment device, plethysmograph, telemetry devices); material for testing cognitive functions and behavior (openfield, Y- maze, Morris water-maze, slit lamp imaging, ERG, clic box); histopathology platform.

Platform for Small Animal Imaging

For non-invasive exploration by molecular imaging, isotopic imaging, and radiology imaging: bioluminiscence, fluorescence, scintigraphy, positron emission tomography, and tomography opto-acoustic equipment.

Non-Human Primates Husbandry Facilities

Conventional housing; A2 containment housing; external dedicated areas.

Mutagenesis Platform

Genetically modified strains creation: DNA and ES cells microinjection; microinjection devices for ovocytes; robotic (Tecan) workstations for DNA; microfluidics electrophoresis robots (Caliper); current molecular biology devices (PCR, qPCR, blots, etc...).

Date of last update: 09/05/2017
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