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Free-Electron LAser Hamburg (FLASH)
Hosting Legal Entity
German Electron Synchrotron
Notkestr. 85, DESY, Hamburg, PO: 22607 (Germany)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2005
Being upgraded since 2013 to 2014
Scientific Description
FLASH at DESY was the world’s only and first free-electron laser (FEL) to generate radiation in the vacuum ultraviolet and soft X-ray regions when it started user operation in 2005. It enables researchers to explore the temporal evolution of physical, chemical, and biochemical processes happening on the femtosecond (fs) and picosecond (ps) timescales. Today, FLASH produces ultra-short laser light in the wavelength range from 4.2 to 45 nm. The pulse duration can be varied from <50 fs to 200 fs. FLASH is able to deliver several thousands of X-ray pulses per second with single pulse energies of up to 500 µJ. FLASH operation is financed 90% by the German and 10% by the regional governments of Hamburg and Brandenburg. Access to FLASH for European users has been supported by EC via IA-SFS/FP6, ELISA and CALIPSO/FP7. FLASH is one national facility of EuroFEL, a distributed RI of the ESFRI roadmap.

RI Keywords
Free-electron laser, Accelerators, Ultra-short soft X-rays, Light source, Photon science
RI Category
Intense Light Sources
Analytical Facilities
Scientific Domain
Chemistry and Material Sciences
Information Science and Technology
Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mathematics
Biological and Medical Sciences
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Engineering and Energy

Technical and scientific support to users during experiments, support to processing of the measurements, installation and upgrading of instruments. Guest houses, chemistry laboratories, clean room, mechanical workshops, libraries and sample environment and extreme condition science infrastructures are open to support users.


4 beamlines (PG2, BL1, BL2, BL3) alternatively equipped with: XUV monochromator, non-monochromatic direct SASE beam, THz undulator. An optical laser system, synchronized to the FEL, is routinely provided for pump-probe experiments at all beamlines. In order to use the FEL beam in this single user facility most efficiently, at least two experiments are set up at the same time at different endstations.

Date of last update: 24/10/2013
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