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Research Centre for Environmental Chemistry and Eco-toxicology (RECETOX)
Hosting Legal Entity
Masaryk University
Kamenice 753/5, pavilion A29, Brno, PO: 625 00 (Czech Republic)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Czech Republic
Scientific Description
RECETOX is an independent department at Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, with its own research and development, educational programmes and expert activities within the field of environmental contamination. Centre focuses on persistent organic pollutants (POPs), polar organic compounds, toxic metals and their species and natural toxins - cyanotoxins.Scientific activities of the Centre are carried out in twelve working groups collaborating within the framework of four research programmes: Environmental chemistry and modelling, Organic photochemistry and supramolecular chemistry, Protein engineering, Ecotoxicology.All the research programmes are supported by advanced research infrastructure, some of which has been centralized in three core facilities: Trace laboratory, GENASIS information system, ELSPAC database.

RI Keywords
Environmental chemistry, Ecotoxicology
RI Category
Analytical Facilities
Earth, Ocean, Marine, Freshwater, and Atmosphere Data Centres
Environmental Health Research Facilities
Scientific Domain
Earth and Environmental Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Environmental Sampling, Sample Processing and Basic Analyses
Toxic Environmental Compounds Analysis
Date of last update: 18/09/2017
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