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Center for Education, Research and Innovation Scientific Cloud (CERIT–SC)
Hosting Legal Entity
Masaryk University
Šumavská 416/15, Center CERIT-SC MU, Brno, PO: 60200 (Czech Republic)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Czech Republic
Current Status:
Operational since 2011
Scientific Description
Center CERIT-SC was created through a transformation of the Supercomputing Center Brno (SCB), part of the Institute of Computer Science (ICS, ÚVT in Czech) at Masaryk University. Center CERIT-SC still stays a part of ICS, with a degree of independence corresponding to the needs and requirements of implementing an OP VaVpI project that is funding the first phase of the transformation.Center CERIT-SC is an importnat part of the national e-Infrastructure, a complex system of mutually interconnected network, computing, and storage resources and corresponding services for the zech research community. This role of the Centrum CERIT-SC is explicitly mentioned in the Roadmap of large infrastructures for research, development, and innovations in the Czech Republic. CERIT-SC resources and services offered and its research targets complement two other parts of the approved national e-Infrastructure – CESNET and the supercomputing center IT4Innovations. Center will become the largest node of the National Grid infrastructure, with emphasis on advanced services and cooperation between grid and cloud services.

RI Keywords
Computing, Big Data, Data storage, Scientific Cloud, E-infrastructure
RI Category
Communication Networks
Centralised Computing Facilities
Distributed Computing Facilities
Scientific Domain
Information Science and Technology
ESFRI Domain
Computing resources

The Center CERIT-SC operates more than 5,500 CPU cores in two main usage modes: 1) Cloud compute also known as "Infrastructure as a Service" paradigm – run virtual machines on demand with complete control, using standardised interfaces (industry standards OpenNebula and OpenStack as well as standardised OCCI interface). 2) High throughput compute use traditional computing environment – common operating system, hundreds of preinstalled software packages, payload distributed with batch system. Resources are allocated to individual users based on fair-share policies reflecting scientific results the users achieve using CERIT-SC.

Storage capacity

The Center CERIT-SC operates 11 PB of storage of two types: 1) Shared networked storage for user data – standard disk arrays to keep data used for computations on the clusters 2) High-capacity data storage (Hierarchical Storage Management, HSM with capacity above 9 PB) for storing semi-permanent and permanent data from scientific equipment and computations


The hardware resources are complemented by a wide portfolio of development tools (compilers, code analysers, debuggers), e.g., Intel and Portland C, C++ and Fortran compilers, Intel vTune, TotalView, Allinea DDT, and more than 200 modules of application software related to all scientific disciplines of the Centre’s users. In general, the software is purchased in tight cooperation with CESNET to maximise its impact.

Czech National Grid Infrastructure
Date of last update: 21/08/2019
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