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Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM)
Hosting Legal Entity
University of Bremen
Am Fallturm, Bremen, PO: 28359 (Germany)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 1985
Scientific Description
The Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) is part of the Department of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen. In September 1985, the institute was established as a research center mainly concentrated on the investigation of phenomena under conditions of weightlessness and issues related to space research and space technologies. Within only a few years ZARM became the largest and one of the most important university institutes for space research in Europe. ZARM employs about 70 scientists, engineers and administrative staff as well as many students from different departments like production engineering, physical sciences, mathematics or information technologies. The predominant facility of ZARM is the Drop Tower Bremen with a height of 146 m, which offers the opportunity for short-term experiments under high-quality conditions of weightlessness (microgravity). Among the drop tower experiments in microgravity ZARM's 30g - Centrifuge has the ability to provide conditions of hypergravity for experiments and especially for tests of aerospace components. In order to conduct short-term mechanical stress tests or long-term material fatigue tests a Vibration Test Laboratory (Shaker Test Stand) is available for the industry as well as for scientific customers at ZARM. Furthermore, customers may also utilize a Hypersonic Wind Tunnel, a Circulating Water Tunnel and a Hot Wind Tunnel for the experimental investigation of phenomenas in fluid mechanics and processes of combustion, respectively.

RI Keywords
Shaker test stand, Hyper gravity, Aerospace, Fatigue Tests, Stress Tests, Weightlessness, Test center, Space conditions, Environmental tests, Gravity, Environmental conditions, Microgravity, Fluid Mechanics, Vibration test Laboratory, Drop tower, Centrifuge, Space technology, Combustion
RI Category
Mechanical Engineering Facilities
Extreme Conditions Facilities
Space Environment Test Facilities
Aerospace and aerodynamics research facilities
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
Engineering and Energy
Information Science and Technology
Chemistry and Material Sciences
Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mathematics
Hypergravity Experiments

With the 30g - Centrifuge at ZARM scientists and customers from industry may conduct hypergravity experiments and test of aerospace components.

Microgravity Research

In the Drop Tower Bremen at ZARM scientists may perform short-term experiments under high-quality conditions of weightlessness.

Vibration Tests

ZARM's Vibration Test Laboratory (Shaker Test Stand) offers the opportunity to qualify aerospace experiments or single components.

Combustion Research

For investigations of combustion processes scientists may conduct associated experiments in ZARM's Hot Wind Tunnel.

Research in Fluid Mechanics

For experiments in Fluid Mechanics ZARM provides a Hypersonic Wind Tunnel and a Circulating Water Tunnel.

Hot Wind Tunnel

Adequate high temperatures and high pressures at low to medium flow rates ensure reproducible conditions to experimentally investigate processes of combustion in the Hot Wind Tunnel at ZARM.

Drop Tower Bremen

The Drop Tower Bremen represents an economic and permanently accessible alternative conducting short-term experiments under conditions of weightlessness (experiment durations of up to 9.3 s). Furthermore, the chronology of different drop tower experiments is very flexible (with up to 3 operations per working day). In comparison to other platforms providing weightlessness ZARM's quality of weightlessness at 10(-6) g (microgravity) is one of the purest worldwide achieved.

30g - Centrifuge

For hypergravity experiments and especially for tests of aerospace components the ZARM 30g - Centrifuge is capable to provide continuously variable accelerations of up to 30 g.

Vibration Test Laboratory

According to international qualification standards the available Shaker Test Stand offers the opportunity of performing mechanical shock tests in the frequency range of 5 Hz to 3000 Hz with maximal shocks of up to 220 g.

Circulating Water Tunnel

ZARM's Circulating Water Tunnel provides variable flow rates of up to 15 m/s and is capable to operate in different operation modes for the investigation of cavitation effects.

Hypersonic Wind Tunnel

ZARM's Hypersonic Wind Tunnel has the ability to offer short-term measurements in supersonic or hypersonic flows. Wind velocities in the range of Ma 6 to Ma 11 are realized with this facility.

Date of last update: 20/03/2017