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Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications (METU-GUNAM)
Hosting Legal Entity
Middle East Technical University
Ankara Üniversitesi, Ankara, PO: 06110 (Turkey)
Ankara, PO: 06800 (Turkey)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2009

Being upgraded since 2013 to 2015
Scientific Description
GÜNAM has been founded by an initiative from the Middle East Technical University (METU) where solar energy studies date back to the 1980s. GÜNAM is financially supported by the Turkish State Planing Organization (SPO). The GÜNAM infrastructure has been built in the campus area of Middle East Technical University as an interdisciplinary research center. Faculty members from six disciplines of three faculties contribute to GÜNAM. Faculty members from the Physics and Chemistry Departments (Faculty of Arts and Sciences); Materials and Metallurgy, Electric-Electronics and Chemical Engineering Departments (Faculty of Engineering) have joined the center as the founding members.

GÜNAM is a national research center serving all researchers in this field. It has already been recognized nation-wide through a series of new collaborations, already running projects and national networks. As a member of the national photovoltaic platform, it is actively participating in networking activities. Some studies with private sector companies have been initiated and started to generate new products. A prototype solar panel with Si wafer technology has been fabricated in collaboration with an industrial company aiming to invest in this sector in the near future. GÜNAM aims to extend its collaboration network and its effects to international level.

RI Keywords
Solar energy, Photovoltaic technology, Solar cell
RI Category
Energy Engineering Facilities (non nuclear)
Scientific Domain
Engineering and Energy
Access to laboratory and collaborated research projects

GUNAM is a research center on photovoltaic technology. Laboratories are open all researchers with experienced in the field.

6 " c-Si solar cell production line

Including phosporous and boron doping furnace, SiN PECVD, Wetbenches, multifunctional lasers, screen printer, firing furnace, etc.

a-Si infrastructure

PECVD and Sputter systems.

Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Laborabory
Characterisation labs

Optical Characterisation: Transmission, reflection, PL, Quantum efficiency measurements, etc. Raman Spectroscopy, Ellysometry.Electrical Characterisation: Solar Simulators, life time measurements, EL measurements, Thermal imaging etc.

Organic Solar Cell Lab

Glovebox, polimer synthisis and characterization infrastructure.

European Energy Research Alliance
Societal Grand Challenges
Secure, clean and efficient energy
National Public Funding Organisations
Ministerial projects
Turkish Science, Technology and Industry Ministry
Turkish Development Ministry
Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK)
EU - 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development
Date of last update: 06/02/2017