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The Center for Micro- and Nanostructures (ZMNS)
Hosting Legal Entity
Vienna University of Technology
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8, ZID/Freihaus, Wien, PO: 1040 (Austria)
Floragasse 7, Wien, PO: 1040 (Austria)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Scientific Description
The Center for Micro- and Nanostructures (ZMNS) is utilized for both research and instructional purposes. It provides a state-of-the art environment for teaching the fundamental techniques used to fabricate new semiconductor devices. The main goal of the research and development activities is the transfer of innovative ideas from basic science to device concepts. A close collaboration with the industry and international research institutions is maintained to stimulate new product ideas for microelectronic and optoelectronic applications. The Center houses a wide range of processing, material growing, and test equipment. As such, it is of tremendous value to a wide range of disciplines, and a basic unit for industrial and research activities in Austria.

RI Keywords
Sputtering system, RIE eching system, Micro manipulator, Dual side mask aligner tool, Wafer bonder, Dicing equipment
RI Category
Materials Synthesis or Testing Facilities
Scientific Domain
Engineering and Energy
Chemistry and Material Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Physical Sciences and Engineering
Access to Material Processing, Growing and Testing Platforms
Reactive Ion Etching System (ID 1284)

Plasma system for deep etching of silicon (Bosch process). The system holds a liquid nitrogen coolable substrate holder and an NF generator to etch SOI wafers.

Sample handling and manipulation system (ID 1286)

Micro manipulator to move and adjust small probes within a raster electron microscope, not installed.

EVG®620 Automated Mask Aligner (ID 1196)

Dual side mask aligner, infrared alignment with 1 micron adjustment possibilities of 100 mm wafers. Facility allows double sided mask alignment as well as adjustment of 2 wafers for wafer bonding.

Anodic Bonder EV501,Bond Chamber up to 6 " "Wafers (ID 1275)

Facility allows planar wafer bonding (Glas, Si, GaAs, ...). This technique is a key technology for microsystems, needs a clean room environment, can be used to package sensors.

Automatic Dicing SAW (ID 1280)

Facility to dice wafers, programmable dice pattern and dice thickness.

Sputtering System (ID 1278)

Reactive spiuttering fucility for materials like AlN using N2 and Al targets. 3 target positions, DC and RF sputtering, heatable substrate holder.

Date of last update: 06/09/2017
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