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Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF)
Hosting Legal Entity
Campus Science Support Facilities GmbH
Dr. Bohr-Gasse 3, Vienna, PO: 1030 (Austria)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2011
Scientific Description
The Campus Science Support Facilities GmbH (CSF) is a publicly funded non-profit research institute situated at the Campus Vienna Biocenter. Founded in 2010, CSF has the goal to operate cutting edge research infrastructure in life sciences. Academic research institutions and companies on the campus are the main customers, but CSF offers its services to off-campus institutions as well.CSF’s highly skilled technical and scientific personnel have developed a broad portfolio of research services. Direct access to instruments may be granted for experienced customers in facilities where it is appropriate. Additionally, CSF is also open for all form of scientific collaborations.Besides scientific infrastructure, CSF will also offer social infrastructure such as the Campus Child Care Center.

RI Keywords
Plant biotechnology, Protein purification, Protein characterization, Preclinical phenotyping, Scientific programming, Preclinical imaging, Next-generation sequencing, Super-resolution microscopy, Protein production, Mass spectrometry, Plant growth chambers, Magnetic resonance imaging, Time-resolved fluorescence microscopy, Phenotyping, Bioinformatics, Behavioural and metabolic screening, Life sciences core facilities, Transmission electron microscopy of biological specimens
RI Category
Animal facilities
Cell Culture Facilities
Bio-informatics Facilities
Biomedical Imaging Facilities
Genomic, Transcriptomic, Proteomics and Metabolomics Facilities
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Health and Food
Electron Microscopy - Tokuyasu Immunolabelling

Immunolabelling of cryosectioned material for Transmission EM.

Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing core - Training and consultation on biostatistics and programming

Providing longer general courses and shorter specific trainings as well as consultation support in the fields of biostatistics, programming and bioinformatics by both external and internal experts.

Structural Biology - Protein characterization

Biochemical and biophysical characterization of proteins, using techniques such as Simple Western, Microscale Thermophoresis, and Circular Dichroism.

Electron Microscopy - Conventional preparation of cells and tissues for TEM

Specimen preparation via chemical fixation and embedding.

Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing core - High-throughput data analysis service

Developing, implementing and applying advanced data analysis tools and novel approaches for the analysis of high-throughput data set generated mainly by next-generation sequencing instruments. The core works closely with the CSF Next-generation sequencing (NGS) facility and provides consultation and downstream data analysis for various NGS applications.

Plant Growth and Phenotyping - Growth chamber management

Provision of numerous environmental plant growth conditions: Standard growth conditions, frost (down to -15°C), high-temp. (up to 50°C), adjustable light spectrum (LED), different gas conditions, fully automated watering…, Air-Lock System equipped chamber for pathogen infestation experiments; Large Capacity Chamber; Seed Storage Chamber.

Mass Spectrometry – Proteomics service

Provision of state-of-the-art nanoHPLC-MS/MS systems for protein identification, posphomapping and quantification.

Plant Growth and Phenotyping - Automated phenotyping

Robotic, non-destructive plant phenotyping.

Advanced Microscopy - Microscope Development

Development of custom high end light microscopy solutions for biomedical research purposes.

Structural Biology - Protein production

Recombinant protein production in E. coli or insect cells for research purposes.

Advanced Microscopy - Training and Maintenance

Training on and maintenance of available light microscopes (commercial and developed) at facility.

Electron Microscopy - Cryopreparation of cells and tissues for TEM

Specimen preparation via high pressure freezing and freeze substitution.

Preclinical Phenotyping – Histo-pathology service

Sampling of embryos, perfusion, necropsy, tissue paraffin or cryo-embedding, sectioning of paraffin or cryo blocks, automated basic staining, immunostaining, pathology report.

Preclinical Imaging – Anatomical and functional in vivo imaging

Ultrahigh field magnetic resonance imaging at 15.2 T for advanced anatomical and functional characterization of transgenic (mouse) models, both for whole animal screening and for focusing on specific organs; qualitative and quantitative image analysis.

Next Generation Sequencing

High throughput sequencing of libraries on Illumina sequencers, first and second level bioinformatic support.

Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing core - Biological data management and processing

Providing innovative and intuitive software solutions that solve general as well as individual needs for laboratories including scientific and laboratory data management as well as automated data analysis and reporting tools.

Structural Biology - Protein purification

Purification of recombinant protein for research purposes.

Electron Microscopy - Cryo-TEM

Transmission electron microscopy of frozen hydrated specimens (cells, viruses, molecules).

Preclinical Phenotyping - Behavioural, metabolic and neuro-physiological screening of mice

Behaviour: spontaneous behavior, motor analysis learning-memory, anxiety-depression, social interactions, pain; Metabolic function: Drinking/feeding behavior, calorimetry, environmental challenges; Neuro-physiological functions: ECG, blood pressure, EEG/EMG.

Bioinformatics and Scientific Computing core - Scientific/experimental programming

Developing and implementing hardware-related software for biological experiments using embedded and robotic systems.

Next Generation Sequencing - Library Preparation

Generation of sequencing libraries and quality control.

Structural Biology - Aekta systems

FPLC systems for protein purification.

Structural Biology- Biophysical Protein Characterization

Several instruments for biophysical characterization of proteins, including analysis of protein-protein interactions and protein secondary structure.

Preclinical Imaging – Magnetic resonance imaging

Bruker 152/11 BioSpec (

Mass Spectrometry – MS systems

nanoHPLC-MS systems: 3 Thermo Q-Exactive, 3 Thermo LTQ Orbitrap VELOS+ETD, ABI Triple 5600, AB SCIEX QTrap 5500.

Electron Microscopy sample preparation equipment

Leica EM GP: Immersion freezer for cryo-TEM Bal-Tec MED050: High vacuum evaporator with electron guns Bal-Tec BAF400: Freeze fracture unit Leica EM PACT: High pressure freezer * HFP Compact 001: High pressure freezer.

Structural Biology - Cell culture laboratory

Comprises all equipment necessary for culturing of insect cells.

Structural Biology - Simple Western

Instrument for automated analysis of proteins via capillary electrophoresis combined with immunodetection.

Preclinical Phenotyping – Equipment for phenotyping

12 cage Phenomaster with climate chamber, Motorater, telemetry, 2 video tracking systems, open field, different mazes, fear conditioning, operant learning, analgesia equipment (dynamic plantar test for touch sensitivity and Hot/Cold plate).

Advanced Microscopy - Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscope (FLIM)

Microtime 200 by Picoquant, with 440nm & 510nm pulsed excitation diodes.

Advanced Microscopy - 3d Structured Illumination Microscope (SIM)

Deltavision OMX v4 (Applied Precision/GE Healthcare), with 405nm, 488nm & 568nm excitation lasers.

Plant Growth and Phenotyping - Growth chambers

22 high quality, state of the art and highly specialized plant growth chambers: fully automated watering, LED-Chamber for adjustable light spectrum, 4 Frost-Chambers (down to -15°C), High-temp.-Chamber (up to 50°C), Large Capacity Chamber, Air-lock System Chamber, 2 Gas-tight Chambers for different gas conditions, Plant Phenotyping Chamber, Seed Storage Chamber.

Next Generation Sequencer

2x Genome Analyzer IIx (Illumina), 1x HiSeq 2000 (Illumina), 1x HiSeq 2500 (Illumina).

Electron Microscopes

FEI Morgagni: 100 kV TEM FEI Tecnai 20: 200 kV TEM for electron tomography FEI Tecnai F30 Helium ('Polara'): 300 kV FEG TEM for cryo-TEM, electron tomography and EELS.

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Date of last update: 16/05/2017
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