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Vienna Drosophila RNAi Center (VDRC)
Hosting Legal Entity
Campus Science Support Facilities GmbH
Dr. Bohr-Gasse 3, Vienna, PO: 1030 (Austria)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2007
Scientific Description
The Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (VDRC) is a professionally organized bioresource center which aims to promote scientific discoveries in Drosophila, primarily by maintaining transgenic Drosophila melanogaster stocks and DNA resources and distributing them to Drosophila researchers both locally and worldwide. VDRC was established in April 2007 as a non-profit research infrastructure by the IMP and IMBA at the Campus Vienna Biocenter. Its mandate is to maintain and distribute the transgenic RNAi stocks constructed by Dickson and Keleman groups at the IMP. From March 1, 2011, the VDRC formally became independent of IMP and IMBA and joined the Campus Science Support Facilities (CSF). With this move the VDRC became part of Austria’s first long-term funding for research infrastructure. Currently approximately half of the VDRC operating costs are covered by user fees, the other half by funding of the Austrian Federal Government ( and the City of Vienna.

RI Keywords
Stock centre, DNA, Transgenic, Drosophila, RNA interference, Fruit fly, Bioresource
RI Category
Collections of Biological Resources (e.g. Microorganisms, Biobanks and Seed Banks)
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Health and Food
Vienna Drosophila RNAi Center - Maintenance and distribution of transgenic Drosophila and DNA stocks

31,838 RNAi Drosophila lines, developed by IMP/IMBA, consisting of: 21,065 lines in the GD RNAi collection, constructed by P element mediated transgenesis. Available to community since 2007. 10,740 lines in the KK RNAi collection, constructed by phiC31 mediated transgenesis into preselected single genomic locus. Available since 2009. 33 miscellaneous stocks used for the construction of both collections DNA constructs used to make each transgenic line Together, the RNAi libraries cover 93% of Drosophila genes, ie. almost full-genome coverage.

Vienna Drosophila RNAi Center - Stock center equipment

Temperature-, light- and humidity-controlled insect rearing chambers, light microscopes.

Date of last update: 17/03/2017
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