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Research Data Centre International Survey Programmes at GESIS (RDC ISP)
Hosting Legal Entity
Leibniz Association
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2008
Scientific Description
The Research Data Center “International Survey Programmes“ provides researchers with data, services, and consultation on a number of important international study series which are under intensive curation by GESIS. They all cover numerous countries and, quite often, substantial time spans. The RDC provides optimal data preparation and access to a wide scope of data and topics for comparative analysis. The Survey Programmes accessible directly at the RDC are: International Social Survey Programme - ISSP; European Values Study - EVS; Eurobarometer - Survey Series: Standard&Special EB, CCEB, CEEB; European Election Studies - EES; Comparative Study of Electoral Systems - CSES;Beyond providing the mere availability of the study data, the services of the RDC focus on reducing the problems that users would usually have due to issues of comparability over space and time. Such issues lead to a high demand for consultation and specialist knowledge. The RDC provides references to relevant publications, textbooks and related analysis data.A tabular overview of of international comparative survey programmes references over 60 large scale studies and study series since 1948 and based on population samples. In part they are also available through the GESIS standard data service.

RI Keywords
EVS, Sociology, European election studies, ISSP, EES, Comparative surveys, Electoral systems, Eurobarometer, CSES
RI Category
Data Mining and Analysis (Methodological) Centers, including statistical analysis
Registers and Survey-led Studies/Databases
Research Data Service Facilities
Data Archives, Data Repositories and Collections
Scientific Domain
Social Sciences
Data processing and integration of national contributions into analysis files ready for secondary analysis

Standard services provided over online systems are provided free of cost to academic users. For special and manual services, individual handling charges may apply.

Data access

through online documentation and download portals.

User consultation
Hardware and software required for social science data processing and online provision of data and documentation

The RDC avails of the necessary equipment to perform state of the art processing and statistical analysis of quantitative social science data, including licenses for statistical analysis systems like SPSS and Stata. For data storage and provision to outside, the center uses general GESIS facilities, such as an online metadata catalogue (inhouse development) and an online analysis system (NESSTAR (c)).

Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives
Date of last update: 17/08/2018
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