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Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies (NEST)
Hosting Legal Entity
EMPA - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
Ubermandstrasse 129, Empa, Dübendorf, PO: 8600 (Switzerland)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Current Status:
Operational since 2016
Scientific Description
In the construction and energy sector, launching new products and technology on the market quickly is easier said than done. Low energy prices, long investment periods and no end of red tape make companies think twice about taking the plunge. Nowadays, there is often a sizeable gulf between technology that works in the lab and the market, which demands reliable, well-engineered products. NEST (Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies) expedites the innovation process by providing a platform where new developments can be tested, tweaked and demonstrated under realistic conditions.NEST consists of a central “backbone” and three open platforms, where individual research and innovation modules can be installed based on the “plug-and-play” principle. People live and work in these units, which double up as bustling experimental laboratories. National and international research teams from universities, architectural firms and innovative companies from the building industry join forces in NEST. Together, research, industry and the public sector are paving the way for the future of the construction and energy sector.

RI Keywords
Construction sector, Architecture
RI Category
Civil Engineering Research Infrastructures
Scientific Domain
Chemistry and Material Sciences
Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mathematics
ESFRI Domain
Physical Sciences and Engineering

Collaboration with industry

Date of last update: 16/05/2019
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