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Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO)
Hosting Legal Entity
Self-standing RI
Legal Status
Effingerstrasse 35, Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation, Bern, PO: 3008 (Switzerland)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
Provider Country:
CTU Basel | CTU Bern | CTU Geneva | CTU Lausanne | CTU St. Gallen | CTU Zürich
Current Status:
Operational since 2009
Scientific Description
The Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO) is the leading cooperation platform for translational and patient-oriented clinical research in Switzerland. Its primary objective is to attractively and competitively position Swiss clinical research in the international field of clinical research by emphasising innovation and quality. The SCTO intends to achieve this objective by:– Promoting a high-quality and nationally harmonised study culture, including the continuing education and training necessary for this purpose– Supporting the formation of national networks– Facilitating the integration of national clinical research into international networks– Promoting the transfer of knowledge between basic research and therapeutic applications– Building bridges between academia, the public, industry and authorities, as well as trade organisations and professional associationsMoreover, the SCTO advocates favourable legal, political and financial conditions in the field of clinical research.

RI Keywords
Medical trials expertise, Clinical research, Collaborative research, Medical research, High quality clinical research, Clinical trials, Clinical trial networks, Clinical Trial expertise, Clinical Trial services
RI Category
Clinical Research Centres
Translational Research Centres
Scientific Domain
Biological and Medical Sciences
ESFRI Domain
Health and Food
Clinical Trial Units

The SCTO itself does not offer services for the operational implementation of trials. This is the task of the Clinical Trial Units (CTUs), which provide all the services needed to run clinical study projects smoothly. Our role is to coordinate the collaboration among these centres.

Working groups

Our member institutions host specialised units for clinical research projects with patients which are either in an early phase or whose research questions require special conditions or methods. The catalogue under specialised units provides an overview of the research units in Switzerland. We also initiate and moderate ad hoc working groups to address the current challenges of clinical research and attempt to develop solutions. For example, we actively encourage practice-oriented implementation of the Human Research Act. Moreover, we look ahead in order to identify changes and trends at an early stage and respond to them appropriately.

Specialised Units

Our member institutions host specialised units for clinical research projects with patients which are either in an early phase or whose research questions require special conditions or methods.

Centres of excellence

The SCTO Platforms are to serve as centres of excellence, focusing on the following areas: auditing, statistics and methodology, data management, education, monitoring, project management, regulatory affairs, and safety. In these centres of excellence, experts work together to harmonise processes and set national standards.

Expertise and Coordination

SCTO committed to making Switzerland a more attractive location for research. Everyone involved in clinical research, including research groups from academia and industry, authorities, patients and the public, can find an arena for exchanging information and ideas at the SCTO. Together with the partners, SCTO is working to promote clinical research in Switzerland and make it more accessible and attractive. SCTO services are designed to optimise and harmonise processes. SCTO focus on quality, efficiency and transparency.

Users Definition
RI is a node of an ESFRI project
Date of last update: 24/01/2019
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