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Hosting Legal Entity
Joint Research Centre
CDMA, Brussels, PO: 1049 (Belgium)
Legal Status
International or intergovernmental organisation or framework
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, Joint Research Centre - European Comission, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, PO: 76344 (Germany)
Type Of RI
Coordinating Country
European Union
Participating Countries
Current Status:
Scientific Description
The Fuels and Materials Research (FMR) laboratory provides the scientific basis for the objective assessment and modelling of the safety related behaviour of nuclear materials. The main activities involve the synthesis and characterisation of actinide-containing materials. Standard and advanced techniques for sample synthesis, materials characterization and property determination are employed. These include sol-gel precipitation, powder blending and pressing, conventional or spark plasma sintering, encapsulation techniques, X-ray diffraction, vibrational spectroscopy (Raman and infra-red), electron microscopy (scanning and transmission) and focused ion beam, drop and differential scanning calorimetry, Knudsen cell effusion mass spectrometry, electro-motive force analysis, dilatometry, indentation, laser flash methods for the measurement of thermal properties, laser melting, etc. FMR is hosted and operated by the European Commission, JRC, Unit G.I.3 and is part of the Actinide User Laboratory (ActUsLab) and JRC Open Access programme. Eligible Users submit proposals that are assessed by a Panel of Experts and selected on the basis of scientific merit and other criteria (see calls for proposals). Access to the research infrastructure is granted on the basis of 'Measurement days'. Approval of access is subject to the rules of the European Commission, the Joint Research Centre and the German authorities.

RI Keywords
Nuclear science, Fuel and Materials Research
RI Category
Nuclear Research Facilities
Scientific Domain
Engineering and Energy
ESFRI Domain
Physical Sciences and Engineering
Sample characterization
FMR laboratory instruments

• Sol-gel • Powder metallurgy • Furnace sintering • Spark Plasma Sintering • Laser melting synthesis • Powder X-ray diffraction • Transmission Electron Microscopy • Scanning Electron Microscopy • Electron Micro-Probe • Focussed Ion Beam • Raman Spectroscopy • Infra-Red spectroscopy • Thermo-Gravimetry • Knudsen Cell Mass Spectometry • Differential scanning calorimetry • Drop Calorimetry • Laser Heating thermal analysis • Laser Flash • CLASH equipment • Radiance spectroscopy of laser-heated samples • Laser and TIG welding of metallic capsules

Date of last update: 20/06/2019
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