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ID Names Acronym Classifications Country
136960 Ankara University Organisation Turkey
135937 Pirbright Institute Organisation
136961 College de France Organisation France
135427 University of Madeira Organisation
135428 City University London Organisation
135940 University of Rome Tor Vergata Organisation
135941 University of Lisbon Organisation Portugal
136965 University of Loraine Organisation France
135430 Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation Organisation
136966 Campus Condorcet Organisation France
135431 Ecole Polytechnique Organisation
136967 University of Wisconsin–Madison Organisation United States
135432 University of the Basque Country Organisation
135688 Norwegian Meteorological Institute Organisation
136968 Russian Academy of Sciences Organisation Russia
135945 University of Tromsø Organisation
136969 The Cyprus Institute Organisation Cyprus
135690 University of Zaragoza Organisation
135691 Paris Nanterre University Organisation
135692 University of Paris 13 Organisation