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ID Acronym URI Service Name
12597 Micro and nano devices fabrication
12636 NMR access
12639 Training
12644 INRA Platform for phenotyping tree water relations
12673 logistics
12674 [04-BAE JCI] Direct data sampling of the interface atmosphere/water and land surface
12675 technical expertise
12676 Modelling
12677 Sensors and integrated circuit design
12679 preclinical and clinical testing
12680 Access to biobank
12681 Solid state NMR
12682 Access to a network
12683 [22-BAE JCI] Projects and experiments planning, technological consultancy
12686 Molecular cytogenetics
12687 Cytogenetic analyses
12688 organizing trainning courses
12689 Molecular modeling / docking simulation
12690 Collaboration in shared Virtual Environments
12691 4D Reconstruction